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ICC adding value to nutrition Founded in 1992, ICC was born with roots in yeast additives development. Over the years, ICC became a leading innovative biotechnology company with a strong dedication to solutions aiming at animal performance, health foundation and food safety. Our technologies ...
Article published the April 28, 2020
 A balanced microbiota is vital for the intestine to have good function, in addition to gut integrity. The microbiota is formed by non-pathogenic microorganisms, which are of key importance for the metabolism and the absorption of nutrients and other compounds consumed by animals. A healthy microbiota has a high diversity of microbial genera in perfect balance, allowing an increase in the met ...
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Article published the April 28, 2020
On the past two decades, diseases caused by food have been emerging as a major and growing public health and economic issue in many countries. Due to recent world crisis with some animal products,food safety is one of the most important and valued attributes by consumers. According to FAO and USDA, 25% of world agricultural crops are contaminated with some kind of mycotoxin and, as a consequence ...
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Article published the April 28, 2020
In these past years, the concept of food safety has become increasingly more evident in the food production, mainly when it is related with the export of products of animal origin, which is a huge challenge to the industries to ensure food safety. The demand for healthier and more natural ingredients in food gains strength in Brazil and the world, with investment in technology and industry adhesi ...
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Article published the April 28, 2020
Recently, Pig Farming suffered a major impact on world production. In September 2018, the African Swine Fever Virus (ASFV) was detected in subsistence pigs in China and Romania, and in wild boars in Belgium. Brazil was directly affected by the effect of the ASFV crisis. In the first quarter of 2019, Brazilian exports of pork had China as their main destination, representing 24.9% of total Brazili ...
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News published on October 18, 2019
ICC Brazil, a trailblazer in the creation of innovative solutions based on yeast additives for animal nutrition, will participate in the 19th National Congress and 1st ABRAVES International Congress, to be held in October August 22-24, in Toledo, Paraná. The city, located in the western state of Paraná, is a benchmark for pig farming and has the biggest herd of the region. The event ...
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News published on August 23, 2019
The EU suspends the specific additive, vitamin B2, as it is not within the adequate regulation guidelines for Genetically-Modified Organisms Like human beings, animals need a balanced diet that can provide their daily body needs. Some nutrients require an exogenous supplement to be part of a balanced diet for livestock, by each species and growth phase. Among these nutrients, some vitamins are co ...
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News published on August 23, 2019
The International Poultry and Pork Show (SIAVS) will be held on August 27-29, in São Paulo ICC Brazil, a trailblazer in the creation of innovative solutions based on yeast additives for animal nutrition, will participate in the International Poultry and Pork Show (SIAVS), to be held in August 27-29, at Anhembi Parque, in São Paulo. This is the largest event of the poultry and pork f ...
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News published on July 17, 2019
The company shows the results of the use of Hilyses® in supplementation of sows and piglets. ICC Brazil, a pioneering company in the production of innovative, yeast-based solutions for animal nutrition, will be present at the 12º Simpósio Brasil Sul de Suinocultura - SBSS (12th Symposium of Pig Farming of Southern Brazil) to introduce Hilyses®, a source of nucleotides that hel ...
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Recently, many studies have been investigating the impact of antibiotics on the gut microbiota, and researchers have shown that, in addition to altering the composition of the microbiota, antibiotics also can affect the gene expression, protein activity and the overall metabolism of the intestinal microbiota. Microbial changes caused by antibiotics, increase the immediate risk of infection and can ...
Article published the June 25, 2019
Necrotic enteritis is widely common and economically significant. It is caused by the proliferation of the Clostridium perfringens bacterium, associated and triggered by protozoans of the Eimeria genus, which preliminarily causes coccidiosis (Figure 1). This disease is present around the world, and the animal production market spends millions of dollars a year to fight it. Modern tools in the fi ...
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