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Participation in Forum on March 27, 2024
Nice work
Participation in Forum on August 13, 2023
I am from Pakistan five year ago we get 2kg 35 days And 50 kg beg maximum 34 far Now a day shortage of grain and soybeans we gain 28 fcr per begs and 2 kg weight 40 to 42 days Feed rate very high and feed and dairy wanda rate 100% increase and quality very poor Mostly sheads close business due to losses
Participation in Forum on October 9, 2022
Brother same condition in Pakistan after 10 day feed company delivered very low quality feed Last month 700 Rupees increased par begs Briler feed begs 6500 Rs and layer 5885 Now farmer did not replace your flock
Participation in Forum on October 3, 2022
Shortage of raw materials feeds companies increased Feed rate every week and decrease FCR due to low quality of feed farmer have to face big loss Good bless him poor farmers
Participation in Forum on September 24, 2022
Most problems is reduction of antibiotics GP problem most company did not replace your flocks Due to cost off they molt your folcks and they supply Farmer old flocks chicks which GP used already allot antibiotics Farmer Can not flock’s with out antibiotics
Participation in Forum on September 13, 2022
Siri from Pakistan there are very difficult farmer poultry feed rate increases 2.5 % last three year and shortage of meal and soybean Quality is not good. Dairy products rate also very high I think Government should provide free vacation and medicine for all farmers now this time Maton and cow lamb very short here and skin diseases mortality very high
Participation in Forum on September 13, 2022
Due to heat stress chicks losses weaghit down fcr feeds and Chang chekin Color red and white
Participation in Forum on July 29, 2022
Any Kind of stress dowm imuinty in birds which convet viral dease ND asia very dificult to control mange temperature In open and smal sheads ..we use vitaminas C and electrolítico vitamin and day old chicks ORS very efective
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Juan Pedro RomeroHello Juan,There is actually an intricate relationship among all the factors counted above in your question. Since Feed constitutes more than 70% cost of rearing in birds, the type of raw material, its quality, proximate components, digestibility and nutrient availability are critical to optimize the performance of birds.Unfortunately due to the current price rise in raw materials ...
Participation in Forum on July 17, 2022
Due to covid.19 we had big loss in farming all beg company in Pakistan did not replace breeder. They supply molting flock day old chicks early chicks motility and mycoplasma in all farms and medicine rate too high.
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