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The Role of Vitamins as Co-factors and Antioxidants in Immunity and Gut Health

Published: April 7, 2021
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Doug Korver
University of Alberta
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Jose Mauro Arrieta Acevedo
DR.R.N.Sreenivas Gowda
Karnataka Veterinary, Animal and Fisheries Sciences University
7 de abril de 2021
The role of vitamins with particular impacts on immunity and gut integrity (specifically vitamins A, D and E) is well known in poultry nutrition in building immunity
Doug Korver
University of Alberta
8 de abril de 2021
I agree that it is well understood that these vitamins are involved in immunity and gut integrity. The question remains, however: "how do we strategically manipulate dietary levels to achieve specific outcomes?". Deficiencies in these nutrients can impair various aspects of immune function, but once the requirement has been met, are there further responses in targeted immune effects that can be achieved? What about interactions, or negative effects of over-supplementation, which have also been demonstrated? In the context of an increasing reliance on host immunity (i.e. removal of growth-promoting antibiotics), do we know enough to strategically apply what is known, or identify the knowledge gaps that remain?
mohd arif
27 de mayo de 2021
Vitamin E and c is a good for poultry. It's rich source of immunity.
Satish Sharma
Anthem Biosciences Private Limited
21 de junio de 2021
Dear Doug, Vitamins are indeed good and essential for building immunity and gut integrity. How do you see the new bioavailable formats ( analog / metabolite) of Vitamins like the folate ( Vit B9) , Pyridoxal 5 Phosphate ( Vit B6) , Menaquinone ( Vit K) etc. We believe in the times to come such bioavailable actives can be of good alternatives as performance actives.
Ensapuh Veterinary Services limited
26 de junio de 2021

The use of vitamins is necessary in immune promotion.
I'm presently running a field experiment on the use of vitamins, essential oils and improved IBH, ND and Ecoli vaccination on 2 broiler farms located in south West Nigeria.
No antibiotics use after day 4 (brooding stage).
The record is impressive
Just about 1.3% mortality by day 28.

We want to prevent antibiotics residue, AMR and improve food safety

Dr. Adebayo Awoyele

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