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Advanced Bio-Agro Tech Ltd (ABTL) is a nutrition and enzyme technology company offering pioneering products and technical services to the global animal feed industry. ABTL combines in-depth knowledge of enzyme technology, animal nutrition, with current research and expertise in science to deliver u...
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3/8/2023 - Thailand
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11/23/2022 - India
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Real challenges faced by Indian poultry Industry are well described by Dr. Girish Kolwankar. Conventional feed ingredients crises and increasing cost of production ultimately shrinking the profit of farmers. More Work should emphasize on use of alternative feed ingredients without compromising the performance.
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Virinder gupta Dear Mr. Virinder, Thank you for getting in touch. I have shared your number & enquiry with my concerned sales manager and soon you will receive the call from him regarding all your necessary concerns. For any other help required do let me know. Thanks !
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Reality check is an exercise of promising entrepreneurs like Dr. Girish Kolwankar from India. His assumptions and responses make him very vibrant industry person.
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Virinder gupta Thanks for sharing the number. Our sales manager will soon get back to you with all the required details.
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Matrix values, cost and availability in Barwala, Haryana?
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Nowadays feed ingredients prices are constantly increasing, also protein and energy in feed/food have become expensive nutrients. Major challenge for nutritionist is to formulate highly performing feed with low price. People are also more concern impact of animal agriculture on environmental pollution. Using of exogenous enzymes in feed has been ongoing. Phytase enzyme is well known to maximum po ...
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Article published the August 4, 2022
IntroductionThe poultry industry is one of the most dynamic industries in world of agri-business, and feed is the backbone of this industry. But, with rising feed ingredients cost, making a good quality feed at low price has become a challenge for the poultry industry. To minimize the impact of rising prices of conventional feed ingredients, the other option is the use of unconventional raw materi ...
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