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Sumit Sipany
Advanced Bio-Agro Tech Ltd (ABTL) is a nutrition and enzyme technology company offering pioneering products and technical services to the global animal feed industry. ABTL combines in-depth knowledge of enzyme technology, animal nutrition, with current research and expertise in science to deliver u...
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11/22/2023 - India
He attended the event:
11/20/2023 - United Arab Emirates
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Congratulations Mr.O P Singh for your Excellent Performance
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ABTL Limited's Chairman & Managing Director, Mr. O.P. Singh, Honored as the Best CEO in the Poultry Industry for 2023 NRS Events, in collaboration with Poultry Fortune magazine, bestowed the prestigious "Best CEO Award 2023" to Mr. O.P. Singh, Chairman & Managing Director of ABTL Limited. The award ceremony took place on the 15th of September, and it marked a significant recognition of ...
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@Alvaro Dubois Nutrient Matrix Value.1. Matrix values describes the amount of additional nutrients that are released when you add the enzymes.2. Nutrient matrix values indicate the amount of Metablizable energy(ME), Protein and Amino Acids that are anticipated to be released once an Enzyme is added to the feed formulation.3 ME that can be adjusted may lie in the range of 50-125 KCal.4. In cases, w ...
Video published on October 27, 2023
Mr. O.P. Singh, Managing Director of ABTL Enzymes, shares his experience and tips on some steps to develop a strong brand in this sector
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Xylanases: saves costs, improves productivity and flock uniformity.1. Feed enzyme appli- cation in diets for poultry is also one of the most researched fields in poultry science today, with over 2.500 independent enzyme trials conducted with broilers alone (Rosen, 2010).2. Energy is usually the most expensive nutritional component of poultry diets.a) Therefore, a higher efficiency in its utilisati ...
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Mycotoxin management in Poultry. 1. Today, we have been witnessing a steady tendency in the increase of global demand for maize, wheat, soybeans, and their products due to the steady growth and strengthening of the livestock industry. a) The rain has dashed the dreams of several farmers who were expecting good crop this year.b) Adverse weather conditions were the main contributing factor to reduce ...
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Gut health in Poultry.1. The main factor that needs to be considered in the maintenance of poultry is the health management of the digestive tract. 2. The health of the digestive tract in chickens is very important to ensure their health and productivity. 3. Several factors that can affect the health of the digestive tract in chickens are feed, cage management, sanitation, and the environment.4. O ...
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Crude fibre role in Poultry Nutrition.1. Adequate requirements of crude fibre in poultry feed is required for the development of the digestive tract in rearing animals (e.g. pullets) in order to facilitate adequate feed intake from the start of laying activity to the peak of laying.2. For Stimulation of gizzard development3. For Stabilisation of the intestinal flora and therefore improvement in fa ...
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