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Shaikh M A
Participation in Forum on August 5, 2022
I have seen such cases , in Pune region during 2007-2009 period with enlarged proventriculus and gizzard erosions. In your case it is 100% HPS and IBH based on lesions mentioned by you. It is better to find another source of chicks who’s parents got vaccinated with Adenovirus Serotype 4,8a 8b. Adenovirus mainly passed thru feces so take care to treat birds with virucidal agents in D/W and don’t pu ...
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BackgroundFor many years the commercial broiler industry has focused on genetic selection for economically important traits such as rapid gain of muscle mass, decreased time from hatch to market, and increased feed efficiency. Undoubtedly, this strategy has resulted in the development of a chicken genotype with superior growth characteristics, but history has shown that intensive genetic selection ...
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Mohamed Swelam Sir, done 5 birds pm and the problem was same. What about IBH?
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The liver is the largest gland of the body and an accessory organ of the poultry digestive system. The liver involves in a wide range of functions including the fat mobilization and metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals, biotransformation, removal of waste products and detoxification. The liver is the main storage site of fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, K and E) as well as ...
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It has been well established for more than a decade that these lesions in the gizzard are caused by fowl adenovirus serotype one. If you sent the gizzard to a laboratory that could prepare histological slides, you can find a number of basophilic inclusion bodies in the epithelial cell nucleus.
Participation in Forum on April 19, 2021
Hi Gents, it is interesting topic for more research. May I get brief idea of cost to have HEPA filters in a poultry house producing eggs for vaccine production or SPF eggs? and is it feasible to install in normal poultry houses to secure from diseases.
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IntroductionPoultry production in Algeria faces many zootechnical and health constraints, such as viral infections like avian infectious bronchitis (IB). The avian IB virus (IBV), a member of the Coronaviridae family (order Nidovirales and genus Coronavirus), frequently infects broilers and egg-laying hens and leads to severe economic losses to the poultry industry [1]. Since its discovery in the ...
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Dianna Bourassa (Auburn University) talked about the possibility of slaughtering birds on the farm to reduce concerns in transport to the plant, during IPPE 2019 in Atlanta, USA.
Participation in Forum on August 3, 2018
Its an excellent and very informative presentation sir. Thank you
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Dr. Mike Czarick, Senior Public Service Associate at University of Georgia, discusses the principles of keeping birds cold during hot weather during the XXII Latin American Poultry Congress, August 2011.
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