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Indirect ELISA is more specific.
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Azhar Hussain yes - applicable to all ages.
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manar mohie ME influences egg size.
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My Dear Dr Rama Prasad Chakraborty 1. Total Dissolved Salts (TDS) or Total Soluble Salts (TSS) is expressed as parts per million (ppm) or milligrams per liter (mg/l) or micrograms per milliliters (µg/ml) ..... not in 'ppb'. 2. A TDS of "0 to 1000 ppm" is considered good for poultry. 3. A pH between 6.5 and 8.5 gives satisfactory performance in poultry. 4. For Total bacteria count (cfu/ml), an a ...
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Respiratory signs and nasal discharge present.
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After carefully looking at the given photo, please note: 1. The liver appearance and fragility more relate to autolysis rather than any disease. 2. The black colour of the intestines further supports putrefactive change rather than indicative of any disease. Please study more cases in the same flock to declare it "EXTREMELY FRAGILE LIVER".
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Sitting on hocks (photos-2 and 3) and hepatomegaly (photo-7) may be related to feed toxins. Feverish carcass (photo-6) suggesting an infectious disease. Mucoid diarrhoea (Photos-4 and 5) very similar to seen in Infectious bursal disease (in fact bursitis was there – my camera could not catch inflamed bursa during night  time in-house photography). Haemorrhages in proventriculus (photo-8 ...
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1. Broiler chicks, 11-day-old, with heavy mortality
On the album: Newcastle- Gumboro
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Iran situation of Avian Influenza viruses is well addressed in this article. However, H9N2 is a world-wide problem. In Pakistan, H9N2 appears endemic since 1998. According to the author "the low pathogenic H9N2 are permanently circulating from 1998 to date in Iran". Chronologically, relating Iran H9N2 serotype origin from Pakistan H9N2 strains may be questionable. We need to quantify the magnitu ...
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