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Gizzard and proventiculus

Published: March 7, 2022
By: Shiva Bhusal
A case from 32 days old broiler with swollen and fatty liver, swollen kidney and hydropericardium alone with this lesion. Daily mortality 12-15 birds (fz: 3500) and in increasing rate.Please suggest the dx & Rx?
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Shiva Bhusal
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Danka Maslic-Strizak
7 de marzo de 2022

To exclude enteroviruses and the presence of leukemia and Marek's disease.

Mohamed Swelam
7 de marzo de 2022

Danka Maslic-Strizak May be severe mycotoxins

Mohamed Swelam
7 de marzo de 2022
May be severe mycotoxins
Danka Maslic-Strizak
7 de marzo de 2022

Mohamed Swelam In any case, all dead birds should be checked, and food should be sacrificed a little and controlled a lot.

Shiva Bhusal
7 de marzo de 2022
Mohamed Swelam Sir, done 5 birds pm and the problem was same. What about IBH?
Mohamed Swelam
8 de marzo de 2022
Shiva BhusalI IBH mainly affect chicks at 2-3 wks with main lesion mainly in liver and somewhat kidney with out effect on proventericulus and gizzard but adenovirus can affect proventericulus and gizzard and lead to gizzard errosin
Shiva Bhusal
8 de marzo de 2022
Mohamed Swelam thank you Sir.
Tahir Naseem
9 de marzo de 2022
Check crop and proventriculus for any fungal growth. Because it may happen in case of candidiasis. Provide the birds with Acidified Copper sulphate@1g/2 litre of water and Magnesium Sulphate @ 1g/litre of water for three days
Mohammad Hosein Shahir
Zanjan University
10 de marzo de 2022
bad pellet quality and feed toxicity
Vilayath AH
14 de marzo de 2022
Hydropericardium rings of Adeno virus involvement.
Dr Ahmed Elbestawy
21 de marzo de 2022

Shiva Bhusal, Sir

Did the birds have any respiratory manifestation?

Shiva Bhusal
21 de marzo de 2022
Dr Ahmed Elbestawy , No sir.
Dr Azimul Haque
Kemin Industries, Inc
28 de marzo de 2022
This is the challenge I have faced many time with experienced of Mycotoxicosis with Adenoviral infection IBH also related to kidney swollen but liver liver is mottled with enlargement
Shiva Bhusal
28 de marzo de 2022
Dr Azimul Haque what treatment would be effective in such case sir?
Nabil Tanios
13 de mayo de 2022
Proventriculitis could be the causes virus eg. Reo adeno, IBD, IB virus. could be bacterial origin eg. clostridium or other causes as biogenic amines,copper sulfate toxicity and mycotoxicosis.
Susan Watkins
University of Arkansas (USA)
17 de mayo de 2022

There have been recent issues with proventriculitis due to sodium bicarbonate contaminated with flouride.

19 de mayo de 2022
Might be due to adenoviral and or Reoviral involvement if you are getting similar findings in all other birds
Ertugrul Yakisik
19 de mayo de 2022
Hi everybody, in this case I see enlarged of proventriculus with feed and shrunked gizzards which are empty. May I ask firstly, do you make fasting program, and do you use fine feed or bad pellet quality ? If both no, we can focus other factors such as mycotoxine and especially Adeno virus.
Nabil Tanios
19 de mayo de 2022
Ertugrul Yakisik Mash feed could enhance in older age of broilers proventriculitis by indirect ways as stasis of feeds could increase Hcl
Claude Toudic
Hubbard breeders
19 de mayo de 2022
There are probably several factors. 2 main culprits: 1) infectiuous "proventriculitis" caused by a mix of more or less identifieed virus and bacteria 2) good pellet quality made of very fine mash. That means high feed intake but very poor control of the feed flow in the upper gut and no development of the gizzard muscle. This has probably an effect on the dilatation isthm section. This factor is easier to fix than preventing early chick contamination, especially in deep litter production systems.
Robin Achari
Bioproperties PTY Ltd
20 de junio de 2022
Hi Guys, Anybody else has experienced biogenic amines causing proventriculus to become flaccid or enlarged? There is also a similar Proventricular Dialation disease caused by Avian Bornavirus? How is the Biosecurity of the sheds? https://wildlifehealthaustralia.com.au/Portals/0/Documents/FactSheets/Avian/Avian%20Bornavirus%20and%20Proventicular%20Dilatation%20Disease%20Nov%202013%20(2.3).pdf
25 de junio de 2022
Shaikh M A
5 de agosto de 2022
I have seen such cases , in Pune region during 2007-2009 period with enlarged proventriculus and gizzard erosions. In your case it is 100% HPS and IBH based on lesions mentioned by you. It is better to find another source of chicks who’s parents got vaccinated with Adenovirus Serotype 4,8a 8b. Adenovirus mainly passed thru feces so take care to treat birds with virucidal agents in D/W and don’t put burden on liver instead give high energy feed , liver supplements like Liv-52 is absolutely perfect. Wish you best luck
Carlos Debortoli
Al-Watania Poultry
14 de septiembre de 2022
I strong recommend use the sieve #5 to grind the corn and produced pellet 3.2mm or 4 mmm it will solve all the problems regarding the issue plus improve the feed conversion. Please study gelatinização before any argumentation about my comments. Plus your personal experience regarding what I am trying to share to improve your operations performance.
abid ali
14 de noviembre de 2023
It may be a case of IBH .In this specific case a significant decrease in feed offering along with feed dilution with wheat bran is very effective.
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