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Good morning. It seems to me that it is an enlargement of the crop, not of the gizzard.
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Thanks Jenny for your reply, but in research claims data is never fragile. Rather it is always in exact number & calculations. So one must be careful for claims of significant differences claimed.
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Check crop and proventriculus for any fungal growth. Because it may happen in case of candidiasis. Provide the birds with Acidified Copper sulphate@1g/2 litre of water and Magnesium Sulphate @ 1g/litre of water for three days
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First of all mentionIs it ELISA of ND or IB? also mention name of Kit used for ELISA?Then mention no of vaccine shots done from day one to 46 weeks of age, for which ELISA is required.After that CV%age zero for 18 samples doesn't look possible, as same value for 18 samples is not possible practically.
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These type of cystic ducts are also seen in case of male broilers. I think it is congenital anomaly and it should be called as cystic ducts(whether Mullerian or Wolfrian ducts).
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Excellent discussion as in winter it is a major problem. I am of the opinion that in addition to have good ventilation, use of yucca extracts, we must take care that protein should not be given above the requirement of bird so that nitrogen product is lesser available for production of ammonia. Good gut health, balanced micrbiome & balanced nutrients (good quality protein so that it is properly d ...
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Arthus Roxas It is upto10ppm
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Hi, Normally the situation occurs during heat stress along with higher and continuous supply of Toxins in the feed.Secondly, we can reduce the problem by altering the source of energy from carbohydrates to fat metabolism as we do in keto diet methods!!Use of good quality materials as well monitors the Toxins levels in the feed, if there is any sign or indication then include good quality toxin bin ...
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The name needs needs to be changed to Fatty-hemorrhagic liver syndrome.
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