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Esmael Husein hi biosecurity
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yusuf dambha hi hydrogen peroxide is an antimicrobial disinfectant and it may reduce intestinal pathogens. I don't think H2O2 is a treatment for ascites, but maybe it improves gut health and therefore reduces gut oxygen consumption, therefore increases oxygen availability to the birds. This is a hypothesis and it needs a controlled experiment to confirm it.
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yusuf dambha Ascites has no cure but preventive measures should be taken to reduce the probability of ascites development for example house ventilation, antioxidant supplementation.
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Mycotoxins are highly toxic secondary metabolic products of moulds. They lead to decreased productivity and profitability in livestock. At Adisseo, we have developed a comprehensive approach to the management of mycotoxins. Our MycoMan range of services allows the mycotoxin risk to be identified and optimal strategies to be developed thanks to the mycotoxin prediction tool, the harvest bulletin, q ...
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Bouayad Good morning This problem mainly occurs during winter season from my experiences due to Major cause deficiency of oxygen - and high % of CO21-heater utilizeO2 and produce co22-bad ventilation3-sometimes due to high level of sodium in ration -or high fish meal or increase salt physiological due to increase pressure in the liver due to increase pulmonary arterial pressure cause shortage of g ...
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Dear Sandro Thank you so much for your interesting article and valuable comments.
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Emad Elgazzar Dear Dr. Emad. Thank you so much for your attention.
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Ascites "syndrome" in broiler caused by: cold stress, high growth rate especially in high nutrient density pelleted diets, high sodium and chloride intake, high altitudes, low antioxidants level in the diet, respiratory diseases, high stocking density.
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Dear Sandro Thank you. what is your recommendation for lysine and other amino acid levels in the last weeks of production?
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In some companies, fertility and hatchability start to decrease during the last weeks of production, for example after 50 weeks, at the same time there is a loss of feathers in the back or there is an overweight of the egg. How can we improve fertility and hatchability in the last phase of production of broiler breeders? To improve fertility and hatchability we must evaluate three important points ...
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