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Poultry with mycoplasmas should be given anti-mycoplasma agents two days before and two days after vaccination against IB and ND.
Article published the May 12, 2017
INTRODUCTION From the aspect of human and veterinary medicine, food safety represents a significant problem. Thus, attention is directed to diseases which are closely related to different kinds of mycotoxicoses. Reports from the World Health Organization show that the presence of mycotoxins and toxic metabolites of molds in the food for human consumption is not on the decrease. Due to the obviou ...
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Article published the April 27, 2017
Introduction Aspergillosis is frequent, economically important, fungal disease of different avian and mammal species caused by fungi of the genus Aspergillus. The disease is characterized by inflammatory changes in the respiratory system and sometimes has generalized onset when more organ systems are affected. Clinical signs of aspergillosis depend upon which organ or system organ are involved an ...
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Happiness is when a man goes into well-deserved retirement, even more when he passed his knowledge to young people who will continue the work that you and a good teacher to call when they need it. Enjoy long retired. dr Danka Maslic
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Poor uniformity flock is one of the main reasons for the appearance of prolapsed cloaca and uterus during egg production. Flocks that during education does not grow evenly during production can have more than 10% deaths per month due to prolapse. To minimize the consequences of the necessary rearing period : 1. First make a detailed disposing of chickens, from production to extract ...
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The appearance of ascites is mainly caused by the reduced amount of oxygen at any stage in life. Hatching eggs, fast growing broad pectoral fattening poultry are heavier and larger than the eggs of poultry produced ten years ago, so most of the old machine is no longer able to provide enough oxygen in the final stages of incubation. In terms of when or in the first days of the chickens do not have ...
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Fast growing broilers and parents must have favorable conditions of temperature and ventilation (oxygen). The needs of the oxygen with each hour of life and increase the mistakes that are made in the first two weeks of life are the reason for the formation of ascites, which became the reason of death in the 28-30 day of life. It occurs in all fast-growing selection because it is a basic requiremen ...
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Can you show us some photos of dead chickens and their organs, in which you determine such changes
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With the Gizzard Erosions should always be checked and early death as it might be a problem emerged in the process of hatching.
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