Article published the July 13, 2017
  Introduction Antimicrobial resistance and its potential transmission from animals to man has become a major issue, both politically and scientifically and is leading to greater controls, both in North America and Europe, on how we use antibiotics in agriculture and veterinary medicine. There is deep and sincere concern expressed by the medical profession about the worsening antimicrobial ...
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Participation in Forum on October 17, 2016
Sorry for delay been away on holiday. Yes it has been found in turkeys aged 7.5-18 weeks old. There is a potential risk but I must admit that I have not seen it in the UK. It could be due to the use of anti-coccidials in turkeys in the UK such as monensin and lasalocid in growing turkeys. In Philippines, growing chickens were kept on wire and I am not sure how their turkeys were reared. Regards Da ...
Participation in Forum on September 29, 2016
It is difficult to diagnose as the Brachyspira only survive in faeces for 24 hours. This is the reason PCR was so helpful. Normally id enough samples are submitted they will pick it up. Murdoch University in Perth Australia is particularly good at it. Usually we do not treat unless 20% of birds are showing the frothy diarrhoea, when it gets to 40% you can see a marked reduction in performance of ...
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Dear Ismet, avian intestinal spirochaetosis is spread worldwide in both layers and breeders. The isolation of Brachyspira is quite difficult but PCR techniques are available to determine the presence and the species. Most flocks by the age of 40 weeks will be positive. Certain strains B. pilosicoli and B. intermedia are the common pathogenic ones and usually the condition is associated with the in ...
News published on September 23, 2016
The 7th International Conference on Colonic Spirochaetal Infections in Animals and Humans will be held in Hannover, Germany, on October 6-7. The Leonardo Hotel will be the venue for this conference. Program Wednesday 5th October, 2016: Arrival.Non-official welcome with buffet dinner open 6-8 pm. Thursday 6th October, 2016Registration. Session 1: New Understanding of Brachyspira species. Chairp ...
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Article published the July 25, 2016
Introduction The farm was a closed herd using AI and comprised 430 breeding sows. Progeny were kept until 10 weeks of age when they were sent to a second unit for finishing. The farm was infected with PRRS virus, as well as enzootic pneumonia (EP) (Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae), pleuropneumonia (Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae) (APP) and streptococcal meningitis/Arthritis (SM) (Streptococcus suis). T ...
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Article published the July 4, 2016
Introduction The farm comprised 450 breeding sows and stock taken through to bacon, all on one site. The farm was a closed herd with importations of semen and gilts coming from the finishing herd. The farm was infected with PRRS virus, against which sows were not vaccinated, enzootic pneumonia (EP) (Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae) as well as pleuropneumonia (APP) (Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae) and G ...
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Video published on October 15, 2009
David Burch from Octagon Services Ltd, UK talks to about his presentation of Revision of the antibiotic activity about Mycoplasma spp and its use in the prevention of vertical transmision in small breeders at the XXI Congreso Latinoamericano Cuba 2009.
Photo posted on October 13, 2009
Revisión de la actividad de antibióticos sobre Micoplasma spp y su uso en la prevención de la transmisión vertical en reproductores ligeros
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