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The approach of supplementing poultry feed with a combination of xylanase and direct-fed-microbials (DFMs), along with other management practices, to improve gut health is gaining increased attention as feed-additive alternatives to replace growth promoting antibiotics (AGP). The objective of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of various combinations of different endo-xylanases and multi-str ...
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Animal AgTech South America Summit
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1. Introduction The gastrointestinal (GI) tract is home to the gut microbiome, trillions of colonizing and transient microbes. These microbes support critical health functions including digestion, immune development, metabolism, and resistance to pathogens. While many studies have focused on the bacterial component of the microbiome, the bacteriome, recent studies have demonstrated the ability of ...
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Dear George Entz, Thank you for your message!I suppose that you mean as absolut %. First I want to highlight that it is possible to lower the crude protein only when we are adding the building blocks of the crude proteins, meaning the amino acids; the synthetic amino acids need to be supplied and the dM+C level and d.M+C/ d.Lysin ratio need to be kept at the same level. In our trial, we lowered th ...
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Dear James S Tuan,I fully agree and many thanks for your valuable contribution! All best and kind regards,Ana Gavr?u
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Dear Zahed Abbasi,thank you for your contribution! The lipotropic action of choline, betaine, inositol and of methionine are known, even if their mode of action is not 100% elucidated. Basically, all methyl group donors and the B Vitamins are involved in the production of the own lipotropic factors in the body. Many studies are showing significantly elevated carnitine levels when betaine is supple ...
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The organizers of the upcoming Animal AgTech Innovation Summit spoke to Lyndsay Chapman, Chief Executive at Centre For Innovation Excellence in Livestock about improving animal welfare, maximising animal health interventions and the benefits for animals, farmers and consumers. In what ways can diversity of thought and technological innovation maximise welfare, productivity and profitability in an ...
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Sustainable livestock production is fundamental to economies across South America, so how can the industry improve its environmental impact, and integrate animal health, food safety and security for better planetary and human health? To answer this question, nine cutting-edge regional animal agtech start-ups will pitch their innovative technologies at the virtual Animal AgTech South America Summit ...
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A 42-day study was carried out to evaluate the growth performance, immune organ weight, digestive organ weight, ceca short chain fatty acids (SCFA) profile, and ileum histomorphology responses of broiler chickens fed a blended essential oil, prebiotic, and acidifier product (Biolex™). A total of 540 broiler chicks (Cobb 500) were allocated into three treatments, each with 12 replicates and 1 ...
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1. Introduction Livestock plays an important role in the Indian economy. Livestock sector recorded growth in value of output about 4.8 % per annum. The eleventh five year plan expected higher growth in twelfth five year plan. The increased demand for protein foods in the country is the main driver for growth, which also includes small stakeholders and landless farmers, account for major share in ...
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