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In its monthly report from May, Google Analytics reported that Engormix’s audience has grown 50% during the last quarter, measured in the number of visits to our social network.   Google is the global benchmark in terms of digital marketing and the most popular tool for communication planning among companies in any industry, including the agribusiness sector. The aforementioned report ...
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Betaine is a multi-functional nutrient that exerts a number of important physiological functions at the gastrointestinal and metabolic level. ActiBeet®- is a nutritional aid supporting a better nutrient utilization, higher performance and carcass quality, increasing the production efficiency.
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AGRANA adds value to agricultural commodities to create a wide range of industrial products of our sugar and starch production processes. AGRANA’s diverse range of animal feeds are manufactured from the by-products of our sugar and starch production processes. We produce around 600,000 tonnes of animal feed every year, making us Austria’s largest animal feed producer.
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Betaine supplementation has numerous positive effects on animal performance. Recent studies with betaine from sugar beet molasses looked if this naturally derived betaine can substitute a certain amount of added methionine in broiler diets. Betaine (BET) or trimethylglycine is a zwitterionic (neutral molecule with bipolar structure) quaternary ammonium compound. It was first discovered in the jui ...
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The coronavirus crisis has brought into focus the incredible public health challenge our world faces, and nowhere is this challenge more apparent than in food production. Nourishing the world during this crisis is a top priority across nations. Our world needs the contributions of livestock. Globally, 1.3 billion people depend on livestock for their employment, while billions more rely on livesto ...
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Manure management is really the leading issue keeping in view the environmental effect if manure is managed properly further if manure is managed properly and its mechanism to use and handling is made easy it will prove as adding gold to your soils, which in return will increase the yield of crops, thus it is a very good initiative by The Yield Lab Institute.
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On 9-10 September, Animine and the European Federation of Animal Science (EAAP) have organized the third Animine Academy in Chantilly (France). This two-days international scientific conference gathered more than 100 animal nutritionists from the industry and academy. High quality presentations focused on current challenges in animal production through different themes reviewed by renowned exper ...
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It was during 1980's when the concept of functional food first took its commercial shape in Japan. Since then, the business space for functional food has been expanding and will continue to rise over the coming years. Functional foods are referred to as the food additives with health benefits. The growing awareness among the consumers pertaining to the relation between health, nutrition, and diet ...
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In Senegal, groundnut and maize are commonly contaminated with highly toxic, cancer-causing chemicals called aflatoxins, which are produced by fungi in the genus Aspergillus when they infect crops. The main aflatoxin-producing species is A. flavus. This contamination typically occurs before harvest and can worsen depending on storage conditions. Consumption of these crops when containing high afla ...
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EFSA has published a scientific opinion on public health risks related to the presence of ochratoxin A (OTA) in food – a mycotoxin naturally produced by moulds that can be found in a variety of foodstuffs including cereals, preserved meats, fresh and dried fruit, and cheese. New data that have become available since the last assessment in 2006 suggest that OTA can be genotoxic by directly ...
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