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Hi Guys, Anybody else has experienced biogenic amines causing proventriculus to become flaccid or enlarged? There is also a similar Proventricular Dialation disease caused by Avian Bornavirus? How is the Biosecurity of the sheds?
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Did you try to find which serotype it is?
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Dear Dr.Jignesh Barot. Please allow me to attempt an answer for you. I am Dr. Chris Morrow's off-sider. As you may know already, the local immunity generated by Live vaccines is far better than humoral immunity generated by killed vaccines. The only thing killed mycoplasma vaccines are good at is producing nice serology reports for vets to action antibiotic use. I have seen (and from experience) ...
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Hi there, We have seen birds respond differently to the ts-11 vaccine recently especially when it comes to serological-based tests for diagnoses in vaccinated flocks. Recent observations from a longitudinal field study on commercial layers in Australia are showing increasing serology titers in vaccinated birds correlating with increasing detection of the ts-11 and MS-H vaccine strain genomes in t ...
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Dear Hany Ellakany , Will you be able to elaborate more on this finding of this genetic difference of more than 15% please.
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1) Mycoplasma synoviae (MS) does nothing. 2) MS does not have airborne spread. 3) It is not MS because there is no joint involvement. 4) You must use F strain in the first stage of eradicating MG. That MS does nothing is an interesting view. There is great variation in the potential of MS strains to cause disease but avian Mycoplasma experts worldwide agree that MS is a pathogen, it has its ow ...
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