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The mechanisms of action of probiotics include enhancement of the epithelial barrier, increased adhesion to intestinal mucosa, and concomitant inhibition of pathogen adhesion, competitive exclusion of pathogenic microorganisms, production of anti-microorganism substances and modulation of the immune system (from Google search) From the above it is obvious that probiotics compete with Gram negativ ...
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Stephen Adejoro DrI I studied veterinary Anatomy 40years ago. If I remember correctly, the intestinal villai are the folds of mucouls membrane which enhances the surface area. I wonder if they have receptors like B cells and T cells have which attract antigens on the surface. I do not think Intestine villas have specific recpetors to which lactobacillus cells get attached and block the attachment ...
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Stephen Adejoro Dr when the infection is active killing birds in large numbers I will never waste my time with probiotics. I don't believe a weak bacteria can prevent multiplication of killer bacteria. when we don't see the disease we can imagine many things. what happens in petri dishes in laboratory is not applicable in the affected flock
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Jose J. Bruzual Really not necessary. but there is always first time?. what if you get in to disease is costlier than vaccine. if your farm is vulnerable like your neighbourer is suffering or you have the problem in other units of your farm?
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Narayan Banik Sorry for the late reply. You can try to vaccinate earlier. First dose at 7-8 weeks and a booster dose at 15-16 weeks. Always use the same vaccine. Otherwise, no booster effect will be obtained. If possible, include local strains and protection will be more specific.
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Dr Kotaiah Talapaneni Dear Dr. Kotaiah. I think this aggressive strategy is quite expected when FC is already present. Vaccination should be the primary line of defense but will be more effective when birds are healthy. I do not have any specific information but using probiotics might improve the general health of birds and thus reduce their susceptibility to any pathogen.
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It also a problem to infected with FC in my country(Iraq), but we used sulfa as a drug of choice for the treatment
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Dear Owodunni Olugemi: It is better to carry out sensitivity tests antibiograms. When this is not possible or the treatment is very urgent, in my experience, the best choice is oxi-tetracycline (Terramycin) administered according manufacturer’s instructions. Regards.
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Narayan Banik I totally agree with your comments. Especially the control of rodents. Antibiotics treatments may vary according to the variation of resistance among P. multocida strains.
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Dear Jignesh Barot, of course tarsus-metatarsus bone marrow is a sample of choice if the only available sample is a dead bird as, for instance, only could happen when an hipper-acute presentation of the disease occurs in which the only clinical sign in the appearance of sudden deaths which may take place whilst the rest of the flock show any disease signs of fowl cholerae and you only available sa ...
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