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MASTER and PHD degree in microbiology
MASTER and PHD degree in microbiology
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Dr. Silvia Peris, Exec. Regional Technical Services for Novus Europe & Middle East, speaks about the benefits of using CIBENZA® EP150, the first feed additive of protease with spores of its production organism, Bacillus licheniformis, authorized in the European Union, during ESPN 2019 in Poland.
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Prolapse during production is usually related to poor skeleton development during rearing, even if body weight during production is at target. In future, try to achieve upper limit of target weight from 4 to 8 weeks of age. The following tips may help to reduce losses in this flock. 1. Do not exceed 16 hours light duration (better 15 hours). Also reduce light intensity (maximum 40 lux in open hous ...
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Hello nice to send to you .I Hope everything are all right excuse me i knew that breast muscle in poultry is poorly worked muscle .and the act of contraction and relaxation depend on calcium mainly?
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Key information Compared to growing poultry, exact determination of the relative bioavailability of methionine hydroxy analogue compared to MetAMINO® is constrained by physiological mechanisms in laying hens which often result in overestimation of the relative bioavailability. The relative bioavailability of 65 % for methionine hydroxy analogue is applicable in layers and bears no risk in ...
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Dear Nosheen Naheed: Many different lesions may be found, such as swollen sternal bursae, wattles, joints, tendon sheaths and footpads. There may be exudative conjunctivitis and pharyngitis. Torticollis may result when the meninges, middle ear, or cranial bones are infected. Generalised petechial haemorrhages in internal organs, serous and mucous membranes may be found due to the disturbances of t ...
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Dear Dr. Bouyad Regarding your very appropriate question, it is correct your observation referring that the air sac and lung lesions are similar to Escherichia coli, combined or not with Mycoplasma gallisepticum lesions (Chronic Respiratory Disease). To detect E. coli you have to use MacConkey agar. The Columbia agar with added bovine blood is not a selective agar; in this agar both E. coli and P ...
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Dear Dr. Anil Phadke, Thank you very much for sharing your experiences in this disease! In Argentina Fowl Cholera is mainly found in broiler breeders. To my knowledge this disease is uncommon in our industrial broiler farms due to modern buildings and good management and hygienic practices, plus a short span of productive life of present broiler genetic lines. On the other hand we are free from v ...
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nosheen naheed That.s right 100% Nosheen
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pasturella multocida cause avian heamrragic septecimea.vertical trnsmision does not occur.it shows sneezing coughing gasping ,dirrhoea, arthritis,comb and wattle also swollen.it cause the infection in the heavy breads almost 15 to 16 wks of age.it is due to sudden change in the mangmnt,presence of aflatoxin,poor sanitation.Grosly shows bursa swollen petical heamorrages serous and mucos membrane. ...
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Very elaborate description of fowl cholera.nice pictures.its occurrence in broiler breeder is common.Hot, humid ,marshy areas are more proven &some time becomes endemic.In acute & chronic cases hock joint swelling in males is alarming.In post mortem lesion along with septicaemia consolidation of lungs is common.Affected lungs sinks in water. Sulpha +novobiocine works well in treatment.vaccination ...
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