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mohamed basyony mohamed mahmoud
Prof. Dr/ Poultry Nutrition
Design of poultry farms, rabbits and quail Designing poultry, rabbit and quail feed structures Complete feed analysis Design experiments and statistical analysis
Prof. Dr/ Poultry Nutrition
Article published the March 13, 2023
1. IntroductionApricot (Prunus armeniaca) and Peach (Prunus persica) are the most important fruits grown and processed in Egypt. Apricot is primarily grown in Mediterranean nations, while it is also grown in Russia and the United States [1,2]. In addition, peaches are the primary species for a variety of cultivars that are widely grown around the world [3]. Thus, there are sustainable abundance am ...
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Producing high quality meat is a primary goal of the poultry industry. In the recent years, as chicken breeds are genetically selected for faster growth and larger breast meat, there has been an increase of myopathies (diseases of the muscle in which the muscle fibers do not function properly) mainly affecting the breast. The most frequent myopathies are white striping (white lines of fat tissue r ...
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INTRODUCTIONAs we learn more about the negative impacts of calcium (Ca) on the availability of phosphorus (P), it highlights how little we know about Ca requirements, digestibility of Ca in ingredients, and their impact on P digestibility (Angel, 2019). These impacts can be direct or indirect through chelation with phytate, which can have a profound impact on the efficacy of phytase. Historically ...
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Article published the July 13, 2021
IntroductionUse of the antibiotics in feed has shown several side effects like resistance towards the drug, residue in the meat and thereby the user getting resistance to the drug etc. hence several countries have banned the use of antibiotic based growth promoters in the feed animal sector and appearance of resistant strains in human beings. Alternative plant extracts and essential oils have been ...
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i continue to maintain what I said beforevent pecking most of the time is one of voices (bad habit) of the birdsit should taken care as told beforeregards
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April 11, 2014
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