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Article published the October 25, 2021
INTRODUCTIONAs we learn more about the negative impacts of calcium (Ca) on the availability of phosphorus (P), it highlights how little we know about Ca requirements, digestibility of Ca in ingredients, and their impact on P digestibility (Angel, 2019). These impacts can be direct or indirect through chelation with phytate, which can have a profound impact on the efficacy of phytase. Historically ...
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Article published the October 19, 2021
I. INTRODUCTIONCalcium and phosphorus are two minerals of great concern to poultry nutritionists as a result of the relatively large quantities needed in the diet, and the adverse effects on bone formation, shell quality, and overall performance when inadequate amounts of these minerals are supplied. It is further difficult to discuss calcium supply in poultry diets without referring to phosphorus ...
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When I was associate Prof. at University of Pretoria, one of my students conducted a detailed literature review of 244 peer reviewed published papers comparing the digestive, metabolic and biological differences in L-Methionine vs. DL Methionine. This Review of 244 peer reviewed published papers would support L Met to be more beneficial as a synthetic source of methionine than D-Met or DL-Met in ...
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