This member gave a presentation on October 12, 2021
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4th Animal Gut Health & Nutrition Summit 2021
Article published the August 25, 2021
Introduction The protein is an essential nutrient for every animal diet. It is a source for growth, maintenance, immunity and production for all animals. Actually, every animal species have they own requirement for amino acids. The amino acids are classified as essential amino acids or nonessential amino acids. The essential amino acids are the one not synthetized in vivo and need ...
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This member gave a presentation on July 22, 2021
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Virtual 2021 PSA Annual Meeting
Article published the July 12, 2021
INTRODUCTION Antibiotics used as growth promoters (AGP) have successfully controlled dysbiosis and enteropathogens for the past 50 years (1). However, the recent increase in worldwide non-AGP poultry production is challenging the industry in management, health, and animal welfare due to the increase of enteric and systemic diseases (2, 3). One of the most accepted theories of AGP mechanism is its ...
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Article published the July 6, 2021
INTRODUCTION Spray-dried plasma (SDP) is a highly digestible protein ingredient rich in functional molecules, manufactured from animal blood collected from federally inspected slaughter facilities, and spray-dried to preserve the functionality of its components (Coffey and Cromwell, 2001). It is a diverse mixture of functional molecules consisting of immunoglobulins, albumin, fibrinogen, lipids, ...
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This member gave a presentation on May 10, 2021
At the following event:
Animal Nutrition Conference of Canada 2021
This member gave a presentation on May 10, 2021
At the following event:
Animal Nutrition Conference of Canada 2021
Article published the April 27, 2021
There is increasing pressure for the use of antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs) in poultry diets to be discontinued or reduced. In this context, the search for natural additives such as organic acids (OA) and essential oils (EO) has increased. Previous studies have reported beneficial effects on gut health of supplementing poultry diets with these natural feed additives. As in many countries the us ...
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I agree that it is well understood that these vitamins are involved in immunity and gut integrity. The question remains, however: "how do we strategically manipulate dietary levels to achieve specific outcomes?". Deficiencies in these nutrients can impair various aspects of immune function, but once the requirement has been met, are there further responses in targeted immune effects that can be ...
Article published the March 12, 2019
INTRODUCTION Litter is a mixture of excreta, litter substrate (e.g., wood shavings, rice hulls, peanut shells), as well as soil, feathers, and other components. It is used to cover broiler house floors to absorb excreta and provide a comfortable surface for the birds (Kelley et al., 1996). Broiler litter from the first flock is typically reused for several consecutive flocks (up to 14 times) (Ro ...
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