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IntroductionTo achieve good hatchability and chick quality, fertile eggs need careful management from the time they are laid. Environmental conditions during egg collection, egg shell disinfection, transport, pre-storage incubation, storage, pre-warming or during incubation are all important. Inappropriate treatment can result in depressed hatchability, change the pattern of embryo mortality and m ...
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Dear Manish, I do not know what are the registered molecules (chemicals and ionophores) in your country for egg production and mainly if there is some withdrawal period. But if cocci is identified, you should cure the birds, quickly. Amprolium is an example but check with your country vets. Coccidiosis or enterite outbreaks in layers at 24 - 26th weeks of age are typically a consequence of coc ...
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Osteoporosis (Caged Layer Fatigue) is a condition which manifests itself in several clinical signs. There is leg weakness and sometime paralysis. Affected birds are unable to stand and usually to move to the back area of the cage. They often fall onto their sides with leg outstretched. Birds which live for several days after going down may dehydrated or emaciate and are out of production. Although ...
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Feed operation counts around 60% to 65% of poultry operation. One needs to produce consistency in quality and quantity throughout 24 hrs, 7/12 and 365 days a year. And that’s the reason various controls in systemic manners on regular basis are required all the time.In the areas of 4 M:- Men management.- Material management.- Machine management.- Money management.Feed mill audit: observation ...
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Dear Sir,Herewith I am mentioning all the advantages and disadvantages of the MG/MS vaccination in poultry and points to remembering before vaccination, please have a look-Control by vaccines1. Killed/Inactivated vaccines- These are M. gallisepticum killed organisms with oil emulsion adjuvants to protect the birds from infection with virulent M. gallisepticum .- Several adjuvant enhanced bacterin ...
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Dear Sir, Very informative lecture about IB..
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Kannan Ganapathy (University of Liverpool) talked about the epidemiology, prevention and control of this disease, during Avicolas Porcinos 2018 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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Dear Sir,Exactly.It's not so easy task to control NE and coccidiosis in our farm conditions without being using AGPs, Probiotics, Probiotics, Xylanase, good cocci scheduled in rotation/shuttle and better farm management.
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Dear Sir, Your true. Its banned in Bangladesh and Nepal. But AGPs still being used in USA as well. The AGPs like Zinc Bacitracin,Bacitracin Methelyne Disalicylate and Flavophospholipol can be used in animal feeds.
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We have tried different kinds of phytochemical ingredients like saponins, tannins, alkaloids, essential oils etc to prevent coccidiosis but unfortunately, we couldn't get consistent results with these ayurvedic products, so majority producers in India are depending on ionophores or other chemical anticoccidials,In case of necrotic enteritis you have so many opportunities to control through pr ...
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