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Article published the November 9, 2010
AbstractKemin India has conducted a detailed survey to understand the mycotoxin prevalence pattern in poultry feed and feed raw materials from various regions in India. The study was carried out from Jan 2010 to July 2010 and comprised of 400 samples. The study revealed that, 393 out of 400 samples tested were contaminated with one or more mycotoxin i.e. 98% of sample collected was contaminated wi ...
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Very good article and thanks Dr.Stephen R. Collet. One of the very valid point you brought in this article is the mycotoxin and its role in litter quality. There are n number of research papers stated that pathogenic microorganism with mycotoxins will have much adverse effect when compare to only mycotoxins or microorganism. At low level, mycotoxins will cause only the performance impact and along ...
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As rightly pointed out in this article, HSCAS (zeolite powder) can effectively bind Aflatoxin contamination. We need to have multi clay formulation which is activated by physical and chemical process. The activation process brings the charge particles to the surface of the clay mineral which in turn freely available for the adsorption of mycotoxins. The structure (Porosity) of the clay mineral has ...
Article published the May 4, 2010
 Zearalenone is the most common prevalent mycotoxin found in feed and raw materials available in South Asian Region. Zearalenone (ZEN) at lower concentration highly impacts the Swine. However, ZEN at higher concentration or presence of more than one mycotoxin will have a great impact in poultry especially Breeders and Layers.Zearalenone ToxicologyGrains infected with the fungus Fusarium grami ...
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