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Special Nutrients, produces and markets Additives for animal feeding and Organic Agriculture. Their shareholders have more than 35 years of experience in the Industry of Additives for animal feeding in the United States and Spain exporting their products Worldwide through their net distributors. Ou...
Participation in Forum on May 5, 2022
Dear All It is surprising that in 2022 we are making questions that were resolved in 1987 /1988 In vitro trials will never prove that a product will work in vivo. This was proven in 1988 with Activated Charcoal it captured 100% of the mycotoxin in vitro but it did not work in vivo protecting the target organ. Deactivation - Biotransformation - Adsorption The best explanation is the rumen ...
Video published on March 11, 2022
Fernando Tamames III, President at Special Nutrients, highlights how a series of investigations on mycotoxin binding solutions were completed to scientifically demonstrate the ex vivo endotoxin neutralization capacity in piglets.
Video published on March 11, 2022
Fernando Tamames III, President at Special Nutrients, offers details about the novelties of the book Mycotoxins in Poultry, written by Dr. Paulo Dilkin
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He attended the event:
He attended the event:
3/13/2019 - Thailand
Video published on November 11, 2018
Fernando Tamames III, President of Special Nutrients, company of Royal Agrifirm Group, highlights the exchange of knowledge and information about innovative methodologies for analyzing mycotoxins, in a visit of a team of nutritionists from India belonging to Venky's, who toured the facilities of SAMITEC, PEGASUS and LAMIC, and the University of Santa Maria in Brazil.
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He attended the event:
9/17/2018 - China
News published on June 26, 2018
Royal Agrifirm Group has signed the agreement to acquire Special Nutrients, the Miami based leading provider of scientifically proven mycotoxin binders. For Special Nutrients, this step supports the further development of its strong portfolio of mycotoxin binding solutions. Royal Agrifirm Group shows through this acquisition its commitment to further invest in its promising feed additive business, ...
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