Fernando Tamames
Special Nutrients, produces and markets Additives for animal feeding and Organic Agriculture. Their shareholders have more than 35 years of experience in the Industry of Additives for animal feeding in the United States and Spain exporting their products Worldwide through their net distributors. Ou...
Video published on November 11, 2018
Fernando Tamames III, President of Special Nutrients, company of Royal Agrifirm Group, highlights the exchange of knowledge and information about innovative methodologies for analyzing mycotoxins, in a visit of a team of nutritionists from India belonging to Venky's, who toured the facilities of SAMITEC, PEGASUS and LAMIC, and the University of Santa Maria in Brazil.
Video published on February 27, 2018
Fernando Tamames III, President of Special Nutrients, a worldwide leading supplier of scientifically proven mycotoxins binders, share with Engormix the details of obtaining the FAMI-QS Certification, which will promote the global reach of this company, during IPPE 2018, in Atlanta, United States.
Video published on April 5, 2017
Dr. Wanku Gou, Shenzhen YuNong Science & Technology Corp., Ltd - a Special Nutrients distributor for China-, spoke with Engormix about The Special Nutrients participation in the Chinese market, during VIV Asia 2017, In Bangkok, Thailand. Read translation below:
Video published on February 9, 2017
Fernando Tamames III, President of Special Nutrients, talks about the last 30 years as a mycotoxins specialist in animal nutrition.
Video published on April 7, 2016
In the VICTAM 2016 event, a Special Nutrients member speaks about the launch of Mycoad specialized in the use of birds and that contains information about some parameters from birds such as feather problems, how to defeat conversion and some other key factors. He also talks about how birds are a specie that is sensitive to mycotoxins for example...
Video published on February 5, 2016
Fernando Tamames III, President from Special Nutrients. Anual Dinner with distributor carried out at the IPPE 2016.
Video published on March 30, 2015
Fernando Tamames introduces the company´s brand new logo and speaks about the trials done on mycotoxins in layers using Mycoad and Mycoad AZ. Also, he discusses the results of the trial done on Aquaculture, especially in Tilapia.
Video published on February 25, 2015
Fernando Tamames from Special Nutrients Inc. speaks about the trial they have done in Brazil about how mycotoxins can affect layers regarding egg shell quality and egg weight and how birds can be protected with Myco-AD and Myco-AD-A-Z.
Video published on May 28, 2013
Fernando Tamames, President of Special Nutrients, talks about mycotoxins in aquacuaculture and about the benefits of the product Mycoad which was approved in the brazilian market for tilapia.
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