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Dear dr. Wijaya Saputra Seemingly the ELISA titers are not a vaccine titers, because the ts-11 vaccine titers are never ever rise up to this level in 4 weeks period, they diminish or disappear in 4 weeks period. So these titers are infection. So you have to give antibiotics, preferably after sensitivity test for the MG if possible, otherwise, give blindly a reputable anti-mycoplasmal one.
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Thanks for this amazing topic, would you please send me it in PDF format?
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The experiment aimed to determine the most effective decontaminant
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Prof. Dr. H. M. Hafez, Head of the Institute of Poultry Diseases, Free University Berlin and Vice President of the World Veterinary Poultry Association makes an update on the Infectious Bronchitis Virus at the International AMEVEA Seminar in Peru, 2013.
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