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Participation in Forum on January 6, 2022
Salah Mohammed, 1-Honestly with QX problem is not how many dose you use more than to use it in right time, which is at early age. For sure it is good if you use other variate strain in your vaccine program. The most important is to have 2 weeks interval with other rep. vaccines to avoid interference issue, do not mix the vaccines with other vaccines without hard approval that they are working toge ...
Participation in Forum on January 6, 2022
Udi Ashash. Yes I totally agree with you, just one comment as the early infection from QX will cause false lay it is very useful to be used at early age. In the middle east area, we are advising to be used at early age Like day one QX, 14 days mass. Strain.
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Dear David, I disagree with your comment that there has been very little success in eradicating the infection [MS and MG] from a farm without depopulation and cleaning but there is the fear that going through such a process will not be worth it if they farm just becomes infected again. In this situation you can look at vaccination as insurance decreasing the risk of waste of effort and money. Pa ...
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Muhammad Kashif The live vaccines colonise the birds for life - you only need one vaccination. You should also vaccinate for MG and MS. MS can mimic anything MG can do. ts-11 and MSH can be used from 3 weeks of age. Immunity may take 5 weeks to develop and you need to not use antibiotics after vaccination.
Participation in Forum on December 8, 2020
Akintunde Akintoye Dear sir first thank you for your message. Usually using 4/91 at first week when u have early IB challenge otherwise 2nd weeks is the recommended time. When u get post vaccination after using it, u need to be sure that you give it as coarse spray.Can you please let me know when you give it and what is the method?
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BackgroundLow pathogenic avian influenza (LPAI) subtype H9N2 virus is widespread worldwide, being endemic in poultry populations in Asia and the Middle East. The first isolation of H9N2 virus in Egypt was obtained from the apparently healthy commercial bobwhite quail flock (A/quail/Egypt/113413v/2011/H9N2) in May 2011 [17]. Later on, the virus was isolated from commercial broiler, broiler breeder ...
Participation in Forum on November 1, 2019
Dr.Mujahid Kamran In our area we are importing hatching eggs from countries not using AIh9 in the Breeder that's why MDA zero also hatching eggs from vaccinated flocks comes with different MDA due to different breeder ages.
Participation in Forum on October 30, 2019
Dr. Mujahid Kamran Thank you for your comments. We do have good experience on H9 vaccine in our area more than H5 & H7. Honestly what is going on in the flock vaccinated with H9 and no good results is due early H9 infection which the vaccine did not start giving immunity. I do have PCR results showing AI infection at 9 days and 5 days, in this case, no way the vaccine will give good results, t ...
Participation in Forum on October 25, 2019
Md. Zahid Hossain First, thank you for your questions .1- I have 23 AI isolation from our area to see how much they are similar to the vaccine strain. Results showed that the lowest % was 85 which is from my field point of view most of the vaccines are giving good immunity against AI filed strains. 2- Regarding the pathogenic of AI, we have found on ICPI test was zero but when it comes with IB or ...
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