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Nisar Ahmed thank you for your question. Usually we are recommended drop size 100-300 mile microns. Less than 100 mm gives fine .
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K.Balasubramanian First, I would like to apologize for the delay in replying. Usually we do general PCR It is positive we do PCR for variants strains which available in the market now.Sorry again for the late reply.
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Introduction On June 21, 2012, Mexico officially reported the presence of the highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) virus subtype H7N3 in three commercial egg laying farms in the state of Jalisco. The affected birds showed clinical signs of ruffled feathers, lethargy, anorexia, prostration, depression, and acute death.1 The ages of the infected birds were 32, 72, 75, 84, and 94 weeks. To preve ...
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Dear Dr. Ahmed, thank you for your comments. Trust that most of the vaccine from good producers are good as they have been tested for efficacy and safety. The efficacy evaluates by challenge SFC with high pathogenicity ND strain to allow the vaccine to be used in the market. Also, keep in your mind these vaccines have been working well against ND for a long time, the problem in these days we have ...
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1) Mycoplasma synoviae (MS) does nothing. 2) MS does not have airborne spread. 3) It is not MS because there is no joint involvement. 4) You must use F strain in the first stage of eradicating MG. That MS does nothing is an interesting view. There is great variation in the potential of MS strains to cause disease but avian Mycoplasma experts worldwide agree that MS is a pathogen, it has its ow ...
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Socorro Magdalena Escorcia Martínez first, thank you for your question. Eye drop vaccination is one of the best and effective way to vaccinate ND. Lasota is also a good vaccine against ND as second dose (as you know, we cannot give it earlier), we do not prefer it due to the post vaccination reaction due to MG and MS infection. That is why clone has less post vaccination reaction and g ...
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bahram saeed Thank you for your very valuable information and I totally agree with you, in our area we must be sure that our vaccination program controls these diseases.
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Rabah Merrouche if lab test confirmed that mortality due to ND in flock has been vaccinated in 2 live and one killed. It is 100% vaccine failure. I have a study done on VACCINATED FLOCK HAS OUTBREAK WHY? Vaccinated failure was one of the reasons.
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