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Husam Bakri discusses avian influenza and mycoplasma infection

Published: March 13, 2017
Husam Bakri, Global Technical Expert at Merck, explained his findings on avian influenza in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as economic impact, vaccination, and biosecurity, during IPPE 2017 in Atlanta, USA.
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Husam Bakri
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Husam Bakri
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Husam Bakri
4 de mayo de 2017
Dear agro, Plz send me your email Husam_bakri@hotmail.com
Husam Bakri
3 de abril de 2017

Dear Wijas,
Thank you for your question. Actually, as we do have other diseases are challenging the flocks, it is difficult to say this signs or other are related to AI, we are also having challenges of ND and IB variants.

Here some signs we believe to it close to the AI problem:
Layer and breeder:
- Drop in production specially when the production going up to the peak and it will be severe when it comes with ND or AI.
- We see yellow material in bifurcation.
- Also we see high mortality and the % depend on what other diseases are playing a role at the same time.

We are strongly advicing farmers to get blood serology tests or FTA card for PCR samples to be sure about what is going on more that clinical signs to avoid miss diagnostics.

Regarding the blood samples we are advising the following:
- Not less that 25 samples on the day of the clinical samples.
- After 2 weeks another 25 samples after you test them for AI or any other disease you are expecting.

Please feel free to ask if you need any further information.

All the best. 


Husam Bakri
31 de marzo de 2017
Dear Dr. Bardot, 1- It has been isolated on 1998 from Middle East and produced as vaccine 1999. 2- yes for the following reasons : - from our field experience results from the vaccine till now gave great 90-95 of breeders and layers using the vaccine . - last few year I have reisolted the virus from 3 differences countries and we found out that the filed virus still same vaccine virus. All the best Bakri
Husam Bakri
29 de marzo de 2017

Dear Dr. Bardot,
First thank you for your comments. From our field experience, over 18 years using this vaccines, yes, it gives very good protection against H9N2, which is always challenging the breeders and layers when the production is going to the peak.
No H9N2 vaccine will not give cross protection against other AI serotype.

All the best


Emmanuel Nwaotule
28 de marzo de 2017
Doctor Husam, thank you very much for this information. Here in Nigeria we have had a couple of avian influenza outbreaks , Although, many efforts are being undertaken by both government and stake holders to curtail this disease. With better stock management, bio-security, improved nutrition and superb breeder stocks ,there are hopes that the disease would be controlled within Nigeria.
Husam Bakri
25 de marzo de 2017

Dear Dr. Zade,
First, thank you for your email. Actually in our area AI H9N2 vaccine did a very good job to reduce the losses from AI H9N2, for sure with good biosecurity, good farm management with good vaccination program against other diseases like ND and IB virulent strains.

We had very good experience when the vaccine is not available in the market farmers were using good vaccination program against ND which they could reduce the losses from AI H9N2. Regarding HPAIV there is a study done by South Poultry Research Laboratory USDA/ARS, Athens, GA, USA. Showing when there is mNDV has replication advantage it is able to interfere with a second virus infection, most likely by inducing an antiviral state due to the activation of innate immune mechanisms that prevent host cells from being infected by a second virus.

You can see the full study on World Poultry SEP. 2014.

All the best and hope I was able to answer your question.

Alloui Nadir
14 de marzo de 2017
Dear Husam Thank you for your help !
Nadim Amarin
United Animal Health
13 de marzo de 2017
Dr. Husam Bakri... proud of you dear
Husam Bakri
13 de marzo de 2017

Thank you for your great help and support for our customers through your excellent experience.

Fernando Escribano
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid - UPM
25 de abril de 2017

Dr Bakri:
Thank you for sharing your expertise. I wonder if you could put me in contact with an expert on Avian Influenza and other main avian diseases in Sub-Saharan Africa Countries or West Africa Region.
Thank you so much.

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