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Nadim Amarin
Technical and Marketing manager - META Area - United Animal Health
- Technical Consultant - Diseases Control and Diagnosis - Probiotics - Enzymes
Technical and Marketing manager - META Area - United Animal Health
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#Poultry diseases
This member gave a presentation on January 29, 2024
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IPPE - International Production & Processing Expo 2024
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Dr. Chris Morrow (BioProperties) discusses his recent work regarding Avian Mycoplasma, in this presentation for Engormix.
Participation in Forum on June 3, 2020
Very interesting topic.From our experience here below the main causes of vaccine failure and each one of them is a topic to discuss: 1. Vaccination storage/ handling/ transportation/administration 2. Time of thawing more than 90 sec.3. Vaccine preparation or handling.4. Time of vaccine consumption more than 1 hour. 5. Contamination in the vaccination equipment.6. Poor vaccine administration ex. No ...
Participation in Forum on June 14, 2017
Thank you for the information but what I have known from Prof Michael Hess you should evaluate the adenoviruses in broiler chickens free from antibodies as broiler is more sensitive than LayersBest RegardsNadim
Participation in Forum on March 13, 2017
Dr. Husam Bakri... proud of you dear
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Thank you doctor for all your efforts and work if you please why this study not involve Egyptian market as it constitute more than 30% from the total population of the market although we here suffering from respiratory complex diseases including infectious bronchitis so this study required more investigation for Egyptian market to have more accurate results.thank you
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I am concerned that there is not a reference to previous work dated later than 1999. None of the recently identified IBV types has been named in the article.
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Thank you Dr Husam for the interesting article. I have some questions about the results of your study: 1. Could you insure that the variant strain 4/91 detected is not the vaccine strain. 2. It seems likely that the variant strain QX is widely spread in Middle East and North Africa, therefore I think using this strain as a vaccine instead of 4/91 will give better results. From my experience altho ...
Participation in Forum on November 18, 2015
Dear Radka Thanks for this important article. Is these data published? Can you share it with me? Best Regards Nadim
Participation in Forum on August 3, 2014
Some information needed: Picture number 6 is not related to the same flock?? size of the Bursa? What is the vaccination programme? VVNDV genotype VII and VI spreading every where in Pakistan and proper vaccination programme needed to control it. The best is using the Killed with the live ND LaSota vaccines. We will be visiting Lahore Expo in Septmber and hope we can meet duringt the expo Ou ...
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