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calcium % = 3.6 to 3.9 may reach 4.0 depends on feed intake per bird per day each layer need around 4000 mg calcium per day to produce good shelled eggs p available from 0.38 to 0.42 % in the complete feed and this decrease by age may reach 0.35 % for more than 70 weeks age layers yes. unfortunately prolapse cause death for layer in most cases
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Charles Hofacre (Southern Poultry Research) talked about the use of organic and inorganic zinc to help in the recovery of affected flocks, during IPPE 2019 in Atlanta, USA.
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To solve prolapse in your layers you have to start early at the rearing period by enhancing your layer chicks to grow and getting the optimal body conformation with large abdominal cavity and good muscles distribution over body bones before 6 weeks of age and your target body weight. Must be over or on standard before 12 weeks age this may come from good feed components and texture, feed space, li ...
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Thank you for this great, important, article. I support the results because I am sure that it is will be clear to observe the benefits.When you use good type of multi enzymes and phytase and good palatable 2-3 mm pellets for broiler feed with a smooth transition of feed texture and pellets size between starter and grower feed types also for finisher feed.
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Dear dr, if Chick Leg Problem happens in first ten days of age, then it migt be due to adeno virus this situation prevails for three to four days n then it recovers, u can say this orpb, verticaly transmitted from parents flock. I dont think that its a nutritional defficinecy bcoz bird is quite young.  
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Dear sir from our field experience i think that the best way to prevent coryza infection in your flocks is to vaccinate it twice with inactivated vaccine include the 3 strains ABC at 9 week and at 16 week . reduce dust and heat stress will help . if challenge happened you can spray the birds with iodine solution 1: 40 fine spray several times a day also you can spray sulfa anti boitic ...
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Poor hatching conditions early hatch and proper water loose During incubation and long hatch window may cause ascities
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What is the vaccine strain and how we can get it and is it live or inactivated vaccine? Thank you My best regards
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Interesting article about mycotoxicosis problems in Broiler Breeders. what is the best toxin binder from your experince that can use to cotol such aproblem ?
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Thank you for this information about phytate antinutrient for poultry. Do you advise to use always phytase in our rations formulation to avoid such a problem?
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