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Chris Morrow (Bioproperties) commented about the problems that arise from mycoplasma infections in layer farms and explained the benefits of a live mycoplasma vaccination program, including costs and profits.
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Folarin FaleHello and thank you for your question. These two diseases, Fowl Cholera and Fowl Typhoid, are very different and are caused by Pasteurella multocida or Salmonella Gallinarum, respectively. For antibiotic treatment you should always try to, first, isolate the bacteria and ask for your lab to perform antibiotic sensitivity tests before applying any treatment. Results may change in differ ...
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Dr.Nimer Natsheh / JOVAC - Jordan:Birds death at the end due to secondary infection either by bacteria or virus.Regarding geese, no clinical signs appeared on the bird.Recently research work that AIV - H9N2 vertically transmission to the geese progeny.Regards
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Husam Bakri (Vaxxinova) spoke on the risks of avian Influenza and its appearance in combination with IBV or Newcastle, and the importance of good management measures, during IPPE 2018 in Atlanta, USA.
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Patti J. Miller, Veterinary Medical Officer at the Southeast Poultry Research Laboratory (USDA), gave a presentation on her research on killed and live NDV vaccines against virulent NDV strains in Atlanta, USA.
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To all our friends on Engormix,in Jordan (JOVAC) we are dealing with H9N2 virus since 2000. The first isolate and vaccine produced in JOVAC in 2004 from that date we are doing surveillance in the Middle-east for any change in Antigen characters so that we produce vaccines for each area according to Antigen specification. At the same time, we produced a new vaccine strain isolated in 2012 for ...
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Thank you for this information but I want to know the duck eggs specific pathogen free (SPF eggs) or not? using for production of vaccine or For hatching ??. Anyway need fumigation for eggs before incubation process. Avoid placing eggs contaminated with the outer shell a lot and broken and candling for eggs daily after 6 to 7 days from incubation discard the infertile and contamination this proced ...
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