Article published the March 2, 2020
Infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) (Coronaviridae, Gammacoronavirus) is an economically significant pathogen of the poultry industry worldwide. It causes low egg and meat production and the highly contagious respiratory disease avian infectious bronchitis (1–3) in poultry. IBV has a high mutation and recombination rate, leading to the frequent appearance of new genotypes and antigenic variant ...
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Article published the June 18, 2019
Background Newcastle disease virus (NDV) is the causal agent of a highly contagious and fatal disease that affects poultry and other avian species worldwide [1]. Virulent strains of NDV are capable of causing high mortality (up to 100%) in non-vaccinated chickens [1]. NDV is a member of the genus Avulavirus of the family Paramyxoviridae in the order of Mononegavirals [2]. This virus has a nonsegm ...
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The PERU is one of the few country in the world where LT control have Not been used live vaccines. The use of recombinant vaccines (HVT-LT, HVT-IBD-LT and FP-L) associated with LT inactivated vaccine have remarkable success in controlling LT. The marketing system in PERU of broilers is 75% live (standing), and laying hens at the end of its production is sold for consumption 100% live in standing. ...
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Indeed the use of recombinant vaccines is the only alternative to eradication and control of avian laryngotracheitis. We are in the era of biotechnology, inactivated vaccines currently have enhanced with new adjuvants and recombinant proteins and obtained a very good protection against LT Manolo Fernandez
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Interesting forum about Infectious laryngotracheitis virus. In Peru, the LT problem began in 2007, a comprehensive work of the health authority (SENASA), Poultry Farmers Association (APA) and private laboratories and state agreed to not using live vaccines for the control of LT. We have had a remarkable success with a harmonic work between biosafety,using recombinant vaccines (HVT-IBD-LT, HVT-LT ...
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