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There has been very little success in eradicating the infection from a farm without depopulation and cleaning. So saying, success has been achieved in medicating the breeder layer flock and taking the eggs from these birds and using these to set up a clean flock. We used the equivalent of 500ppm tiamulin hydrogen fumarate in feed for a week as a treatment. The tiamulin also passes into the egg, so ...
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Boss Nice to see u . Now a days we have big problems in Nepal ???? of H9. Previous we got this disease in winter but right now we find in every seasons. Basically dr give them remedies of CCRD but not cure and massive mortality in some case. Now a days big talk of injects vaccines or not . I think ?? we must take suggestions from expert and experiences people . Hope we will do best . Thanks
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Husam Bakri (Vaxxinova) spoke on the risks of avian Influenza and its appearance in combination with IBV or Newcastle, and the importance of good management measures, during IPPE 2018 in Atlanta, USA.
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Dear sir, Thumps up to this article which teaches me more about Gumboro disease. Basically In my country Nepal i can't get best choice of vaccines against IBD . Can i know how it is possible to import the vaccines of CEVA in Nepal? Would u please forward my interest to the CEVA export manager or mail me at Thanks,
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Dahal sir, Good article about ascites (Water Belly) in Broiler Chickens. Now a days in Nepal, most of case is found in clinic is water Belli i.e. Ascites. first medicine of this is to aware farmer about ventilation.
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many many thanks to Dr. Suresh Nipane.I Like this articles help me to with agents this case. It also help me treat Nepal poultry framers case . many many thanks Dr.
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