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Dr. Chris,Good write up on myth of Avian Mycoplasmosis! Since most of the antibiotics available in our region have become resistance to MG & MS, would vaccination become the only solution to MG & MS? What to do in case of peep/clutch of chicks are already under incubation with MG or MS? G.K.DahalKathmandu, Nepal.
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I request you to also try combination of Formates, sorbates & benzoate organic salts for positive response as a good acidifier.
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This is very correct. A lot of downgraded broiler products are due to poor management of the litter.
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amita baral pandey PLT is a litter treatment product. It is to be spread on floor/litter before chicks are allowed to inter into house. The product is made in USA and right now not available in Nepal market. You may use me-too products like "Liiteron" an Indian product which is available in Nepal market. Thanks !
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Thanks. Very helpful advice.
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S H BORBORA Malodor / Pungent odor (Very unpleasant smell) from litter is mainly due to ammonia gas formation though there are other gases also present in poultry farm. The chemical used in Liiteron converts volatile Ammonia (NH3) into stable Ammonium sulphate (NH4)2SO4. There is a break down salts used in formula so malodor is reduced. Thanks, GKD
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I think you are indicating towards Phosphates which are commonly used as fertilizer for agriculture. Phosphorous (P) has often been over-applied to agricultural fields. Over time, this has caused a buildup of P in soils to values well above those required for optimum crop yields. This is a concern because increased soil P levels can contribute to a greater risk of P leaching (drain away from soil ...
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Dr.C.S.Bedi Sir, Nowadays I'm in Nepal. Thanks. GKD
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Akanmu Ismail No ! Please try out to find a product named PLT powder (A product of Jones-Hamilton Agriculture Co.Ohio USA).If not then write to me for formulation @ dahalgk@gmail.comThanks & regards,G.K.Dahal
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Funmi adewoye Sorry for the delay in reply and mistake in spelling. Raking of poultry litter is done with a tool having long handle with pointed metal parts sticking out in a row at the bottom (Toothed crossbar) to scratch or scrape caked litter to reduce moisture level as well as ammonia level from damp litter condition.Thanks!
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