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yusuf dambha hi hydrogen peroxide is an antimicrobial disinfectant and it may reduce intestinal pathogens. I don't think H2O2 is a treatment for ascites, but maybe it improves gut health and therefore reduces gut oxygen consumption, therefore increases oxygen availability to the birds. This is a hypothesis and it needs a controlled experiment to confirm it.
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Ascites "syndrome" in broiler caused by: cold stress, high growth rate especially in high nutrient density pelleted diets, high sodium and chloride intake, high altitudes, low antioxidants level in the diet, respiratory diseases, high stocking density.
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Ascitis in poultry 1 High ammonia(NH3). 2 poor digestion of feed. 3 lack of O2
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Ascitis in poultry may be due to 1- bad ventilation 2-high Na in water or feed 3- high protein ration 4- diseases ( IB. CRD. )
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Ascites is associated with a lack of oxygen. The high body weight achievers face this metabolic problem in winter especially. The solution to this problem is the ample supply of oxygen through minimum ventilation.
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Although use of Glutathione (GSH) for human consumption have been documented well but for poultry industry a thorough research must be carried out to avoid negative consequences. Glutathione is highly susceptible to oxidation in the extracellular environment so it would be unstable while supplementing through water / feed and may be also toxic if high concentration is taken by birds, so it may not ...
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Dr. Chris,Good write up on myth of Avian Mycoplasmosis! Since most of the antibiotics available in our region have become resistance to MG & MS, would vaccination become the only solution to MG & MS? What to do in case of peep/clutch of chicks are already under incubation with MG or MS? G.K.DahalKathmandu, Nepal.
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I request you to also try combination of Formates, sorbates & benzoate organic salts for positive response as a good acidifier.
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This is very correct. A lot of downgraded broiler products are due to poor management of the litter.
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amita baral pandey PLT is a litter treatment product. It is to be spread on floor/litter before chicks are allowed to inter into house. The product is made in USA and right now not available in Nepal market. You may use me-too products like "Liiteron" an Indian product which is available in Nepal market. Thanks !
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