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Ascitis in poultry may be due to 1- bad ventilation 2-high Na in water or feed 3- high protein ration 4- diseases ( IB. CRD. )
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Ascites (or water belly) is a condition of fast growing broiler chickens in which the excess amount of ascitic fluid accumulated in the abdominal cavity. It has become major concern to the poultry industry around the world. This condition is extremely common in high altitude & more particularly during winter / cooler season. Ascites is associated with inadequate supply of oxygen, poor ventila ...
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Koot van der Walt , Yes, it's available in South Africa. Can you please send me your email contact to share more information about it? Kind regards Melina
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Good informative article
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Introduction Body weight gains of broiler chickens have been improved substantially during the last decades. Consequently, modern broiler chicks are able to increase their weight approximately 50 fold within 40 days of hatching (Noy & Sklan, 1998; Sklan, 2003). It has been shown that relying solely on residual yolk as a nutrient source in the first 24 - 72 h would appear to waste valuable res ...
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The following are comments on your interesting paper on rapid feed passage. Just for practical purposes and to make the discussion easier we always define what is rapid feed passage before we talk about it to be sure we are talking about the same issue: "Rapid feed passage is defined here as the condition in which broiler droppings lose their normal shape and consistency, do not display the charac ...
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INTRODUCTION Production of broilers with high growth rate and feed efficiency through impressive genetic improvement is often directly linked with digestive problems, such as passage of undigested feed (or) feed passage syndrome with impaired gut health function. The passage of undigested feed inside the poultry house is a sporadic problem in integration or individual farms mainly during rainy se ...
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Probiotics offer one alternative to antibiotic growth promoters as they have been shown to improve the development and maintenance of a stable gut microbiome in poultry, which leads to reduced enteric disease and improved growth performance. Therefore, the objective of this study was to delineate the effects of Bacillus subtilis DSM 32315 (BS DSM32315) on intestinal morphology, microbial compositi ...
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Daniel Mc Elroy the contacts from Barentz are: Des Brennan ( and Koen Kromhof ( Kind regards Melina
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