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The two winners of the first Adisseo Research Grant call were announced during the last WPC webinar held on November 9th. The two projects were: “How to feed broilers during infection with, and recovery from, coccidia in different environments: functional role of amino acids.” presented by Prof. Ilias KYRIAZAKIS (AFBI, Northern Ireland, UK) and Prof. Oluyinka OLUKOSI (University of ...
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Dear James S Tuan,I fully agree and many thanks for your valuable contribution! All best and kind regards,Ana Gavr?u
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Choline's role in methylation is mediated through betaine. Therefore, direct supplementation of betaine provides the most effective means to get the benefits attributed to choline in methylation. The proximate methyl donor in vivo is SAM. SAM is converted to homocysteine after its methyl group is donated in a variety of metabolic pathways, including the synthesis of carnitine from lysine. By effic ...
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Hi Dear Ana: As all know one of the layer problem that may be encountered in heat stress and tropical condition is fatty liver hemorrhagic syndrome and because of choline effect on lipid as lipotropic agent, increasing the amount of it in feed whit other lipotropic and hepatoprotector is recommend. the question is that has betaine this effect as lipotropic substance and can it be used in this cond ...
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Today, the Animal Agriculture Alliance announced that its 2022 Stakeholders Summit, set for May 11-12 in Kansas City, Missouri, will be themed “Come Together for Animal Ag: Be Informed, Be Ready, Be Here.” In addition to announcing the dates, location and theme for the 2022 Summit, the Alliance also issued a call for proposals to speak at the event. The Summit is a one-of-a-kind confe ...
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A very sensitive and makes a diferent about how we should get our vaccines and tge tyoe according to climate and conditions over this had seen the boosting of tge vaccines but there are also some areas that drs are not taking on a conscience on this by doing as mentioned and have a detemined vaccines for the area. Challenge are being seen and heads on to attain the resolution by taking time ...
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Thank you so much, this is a well detailed information.
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What should producers know when it comes to selecting a protease enzyme to combat trypsin inhibitor? Hear what Raquel Araujo said about this topic in the recent edition of IPPE 2020, in Atlanta, USA
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Sushil Chandra i think this is the best ideal but how are we gping to controll some overweights snd what the specif specs on cp per prestater and cp on starter for the best mortality ? Quiety detailed but i only need to know a technical tool yo use on the controlling on the birds as well ad stocking density Thank you
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So, Dr., what are the results and clinical signs on mycotoxins in birds and other animals?Regards, Daniel.
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