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Participation in Forum on May 19, 2022
There are probably several factors. 2 main culprits: 1) infectiuous "proventriculitis" caused by a mix of more or less identifieed virus and bacteria 2) good pellet quality made of very fine mash. That means high feed intake but very poor control of the feed flow in the upper gut and no development of the gizzard muscle. This has probably an effect on the dilatation isthm section. This factor is e ...
Participation in Forum on October 22, 2011
Mr Esperidion, You have to measure the temperature of the roof inside the house with a contact thermometer, not a laser gun which will under estimate the actual temperature if the roof is metallic. When there is no ceiling, radiation from the sun on metallic roofs can lead to temperatures of 60 °C on the inside surface of the roof. Then the air speed will tend to catch the calories from the roof ...
Participation in Forum on October 21, 2011
I agree with Jose Sala even if I would be less straight about the water pressure to use in order to prevent difference of temperature between air entrance and fans. I have seen excellent conditions and performances in the center of Brazil, which is dry and hot in Summer, with low pressure fogging (15 bars = 225 PSI). Houses were 125 x 13 m without pad cooling but with ceramic or net sprayed by wat ...
Participation in Forum on August 10, 2011
I agree with most of the comments posted until now. Nevertheless, I would like to point out that increasing the length of the house may reduce the energy consumption in some extend, provided that the static pressure doesn’t reach levels that the fans can’t sustain at low energy costs. These relatively high static pressure levels may be reached with quite short houses if the houses are equipped w ...
Article published the October 18, 2010
There are several reasons that can explain the fact that the majority of the weights are systematically inferior to the average weight of the flock.During a technical visit to a broiler farm the topic of uniformity is generally assessed visually and subjectively, as to do the job properly would require individual weighing of hundreds of broilers (in the absence of automatic weighers).The level of ...
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