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Article published the February 17, 2023
Introduction: Saving the limited resources of phosphate rock and improving intestinal health of pigs represent major challenges of modern pig industry. Consequently, the present study addressed the impact of supplementing variable levels of calcium-phosphate (CaP) on the numbers of selected members of the intestinal microbiome in growing pigs. To investigate the impact of fermentable substrates on ...
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This member gave a presentation on January 23, 2023
At the following event:
IPPE - International Production & Processing Expo 2023
News published on October 14, 2022
The second edition of the Adisseo Research Grant awarded three winners. The jury was impressed by the quality and relevance of all three winning projects, that can split a whopping 1 million Euro for the coming 3 years. The award ceremony took place last month at the World’s Poultry Congress in Paris, France. Apart from a positive impact on sustainability, the proposed research projects for ...
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This member gave a presentation on July 11, 2022
At the following event:
2022 PSA Annual Meeting
News published on March 10, 2022
Adisseo is committed to have a long-term implication in research and is fully involved to find sustainable and meaningful innovations in animal nutrition field. Thus, Adisseo decided to support research by launching a yearly Research Grant. The objective is to offer up to 1M€ to collaborative projects addressing key feed industry challenges. The proposed research projects should be innova ...
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News published on November 24, 2021
The two winners of the first Adisseo Research Grant call were announced during the last WPC webinar held on November 9th. The two projects were: “How to feed broilers during infection with, and recovery from, coccidia in different environments: functional role of amino acids.” presented by Prof. Ilias KYRIAZAKIS (AFBI, Northern Ireland, UK) and Prof. Oluyinka OLUKOSI (University of ...
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Article published the October 7, 2021
Introduction All living organisms depend on the continuous supply of available phosphorus (P) sources for a plethora of metabolic processes. Fertilizer and feed phosphates are obtained to a large extent from rock phosphate. This is a non-renewable resource, and the global distribution of rock phosphate reserves is not uniform. Concurrently, P accumulation in areas with high liv ...
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News published on June 4, 2021
This grant will offer €1 M for the next three years to fund research projects tackling some of the main feed industry challenges and encouraging international labs to collaborate. Adisseo is pursuing a policy of continuous research and innovation in its expertise fields to meet feed industry needs. For a decade, the Rhodimet® Research Grant from Adisseo focused on “Sulphur amino ...
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News published on June 5, 2019
Advancia Academy will focus on variability: how to monitor its impact to improve feed formulation, prior to the 18th ESPN in Gdansk, Poland June 4th - Gdansk will host the 18th European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition next week. At this occasion, Adisseo is focusing its second Advancia Academy 2019 on Variability: The nutritionist’s nightmare. “Feed is the largest contributor to the ...
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