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Robert Pottgueter
Diplom Agrar Engineer
Productmanager poultry feed in German feed industry company; feed production in total and technical service at Lohmann Tierzucht;
Diplom Agrar Engineer
Participation in Forum on February 8, 2022
Excellent paper! In high productive layers - the hopefully healthy - liver is the basis for nearly everything. All efforts in order to support liver health - pay back!
Participation in Forum on August 26, 2021
If one really wants to do a professional approach about prolapse - it needs to start already in rearing and overall management of the flocks. To pick up just one aspect, will never give a real success.
Article published the August 18, 2021
IntroductionModern layer hybrids are a four-line-cross with a long breeding history and show a very high production potential in different housing systems all around the world. This proofs for white egg producing lines and for brown egg producing hens as well. Due to ongoing genetic work the egg industry and farmers realise steadily increasing persistency and longer liability under all housing con ...
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Participation in Forum on May 6, 2020
Benjamin Akande Dear Sir, Prolapse is for sure not common in Lohmann brown hens. Please see all the arguments, reasons & suggestions in this chat above. Robert
Participation in Forum on April 23, 2020
Dear All,beside nutrition - Prolapse is basically an overall management topic. Just to focus only on nutrition will never solve or reduce Prolapse problems.Robert
Participation in Forum on April 21, 2020
The described problems with sunflower products are somehow old fashioned - and may be based on too high inclusion of sunflower-products into layer diets. With a real well balanced diet and not too high level of sunflower products a lot of benefits can be seen in practice; especially in non cage feeding of layers - and as a top of this in feeding hens with full beak.Wishing you all the best!Robert
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Apart from the above points you can also add that simple human errors during feed mixing can influence the expected content of phytase. Too much confidence in the mixing equipment may also cause unexpected phytase levels in the final feed. Incorrect storage of the phytase product may also lower the expected phytase activity in the final feed. The phytase products´ particle size and particle size d ...
Participation in Forum on May 11, 2017
Dear friends, start of laying with underweight pullets might be the reason of what you describe - you say they are "being antomical incompetence" I fully agree on this. For nowadays high prolific layers one need to realize a very good rearing, means body on target in regard to age.
Participation in Forum on May 8, 2017
Probably yes - but I'm not sure and having no experience about these topics Robert
Participation in Forum on May 5, 2017
The topic "correct use of prelay feed" is important for all high prolific layer breeds.
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