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Robert Gauthier
The WVEPAH is a non-profit organisation, appointed by the OIE - World Organisation for Animal Health, to organize post-graduate Education Programs worldwide for veterinary professionals in Aviculture who want to complete and officially validate their expertise through the University diploma "C...
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#Poultry diseases
Participation in Forum on October 5, 2022
Dr. Md. Zaminur Rahman Now tha that the Covid situation is improving, the WVEPAH will offer face to face courses for 2023. Please go to the WVEPAH website ( for details on how to participate. We publish news regularly. Regards,
Participation in Forum on September 28, 2022
Dear Hafez, finally we will go back to face to face courses in 2023. We are looking a the possibility of holding a course in Egypt for the Middle East area.
Participation in Forum on September 15, 2022
Please visit regularly the WVEPAH web site for news:
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Poultry production is economically important Worldwide and it’s a cornerstone for the improvement of livelihood of populations in developing countries. It has been a feature of human society for several years and it’s the most feasible and sustainable of all meat and protein production systems. Poultry plays an important role in the livelihood of rural communities in developing countries. To make ...
Participation in Forum on June 16, 2021
jayanta mallik. I do not get your comment, what do you mean exactly, do you need more information.
News published on June 9, 2021
The WVEPAH course ‘Egg Layers’ is now available online. This course is an extensive overview of important infectious and non-infectious diseases at different stages of the egg layer’s production process. Participants will be trained to investigate, diagnose and solve both common and less common problems. This course will be held in English by a team of world-class Course Maste ...
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The definition of disease in the broad context is any deviation from the normal state of health. Diseases can be divided into two broad categories: Infectious and noninfectious. Infectious diseases include those caused mainly by bacteria, viruses, mycoplasmas, fungi, and parasites. Non-infectious diseases can be further divided into three categories: management-related diseases, toxicities, and nu ...
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Chicck house temperature, stocking density and crud protein % T
Participation in Forum on August 23, 2020
Nabaraj Shrestha During the first semester of 2021 WVEPAH will give an on-line course on Common disciplines and OIE (World Organization for Animal Health), both in French and English (this is what we call Module I). Please go to our website, on the news, for more details. Robert Gauthier
News published on July 31, 2020
The WVEPAH is pleased to announce that online courses will soon be available. This new formula will combine online training sessions in synchronous and asynchronous mode. For all courses, a forum will be open for a fixed period of time, during which all participants will be able to ask questions and see the answers provided to their fellow course participants’ questions. This structure, by u ...
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