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The WVEPAH is a non-profit organisation, appointed by the OIE - World Organisation for Animal Health, to organize post-graduate Education Programs worldwide for veterinary professionals in Aviculture who want to complete and officially validate their expertise through the University diploma "C...
Participation in Forum on September 27, 2019
Talaat Al-Alwani, please follow our website to know about future training around the world and in which languages.
Participation in Forum on December 20, 2018
Zakariya Audu See all details on the website: or contact:
Participation in Forum on December 18, 2018
suchitra sena please consult the details on the website at:, you will find all whatever is needed. Regards
Participation in Forum on December 17, 2018
Surinder Khanna Thank you, this a good investment in your specialized traininig.
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I strongly recommend the course. I have attended the first module in Germany which was very informative and the course masters were very knowledgable and kind with highly field experience. Unfortunatelly I could not attend the second module due to some circumstances. Best of luck to all of you.
Participation in Forum on December 15, 2018
zvidzayi Of course, in 2019 we have trainings in Dakar (French), Nairobi (English) and Tunis (French). And so on in 2020. Consult the website for details (
Participation in Forum on December 14, 2018
Dr.Md.Kamruzzaman no sorry!
Participation in Forum on December 14, 2018
Omolade Oladele I can understand your point. However the WVEPAH is a non profit organisation, not being sponsored by the industry or else, This way we are totally independant from any kind of external influence. Many students have been able to find their own sponsorhip among the industry leaders in their own area of the world.
Participation in Forum on December 14, 2018
tornike You can find all the details on our website:
Participation in Forum on December 12, 2018
K.Balasubramanian Basically we accept poultry veterinarians with a 3 year experience in the field. However we also accept a few non veterinarians, with good exposure to poultry production, they will receive an attestation of participation only, because they will not be allowed to write the exam which is reserved to veterinarians. Some non vets do it to acquire the knowledge, for their own competen ...
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