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#Enzymes in poultry nutrition
Article published the September 27, 2023
The increasing prices of major feed ingredients have prompted animal nutritionists to use inexpensive raw materials in their diet formulations to lower feed cost. However, due to their relatively lower digestibility, diets formulated with these raw materials often lead to poor gut health status and animal performance. For instance, poor protein digestibility results in the formation of toxic metab ...
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Article published the September 23, 2022
Nutrients in most feed ingredients are present in a complex matrix. Therefore, it is anticipated that feed enzymes like protease can exert a wide influence on nutrient digestibility beyond their targeted substrates (Cowieson and Bedford, 2009). For instance, the disruption of protein matrix surrounding starch granules due to protease supplementation had been shown to improve energy digestibility i ...
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Article published the November 19, 2021
Poultry rely on enzymatic digestion more so than any other livestock species due to their very short digesta transit time and because their large intestines lack the bacteria that aids other species in digestion. Because of this, their ability to digest nutrients in the feed is not absolute. Recently, along with phytase and non-starch polysaccharide-degrading enzymes, protease has become a standar ...
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Article published the August 18, 2021
1. IntroductionThe modern broiler chickens are always vulnerable to impaired nutrient digestion, dysbacteriosis, cocci challenges, and exposure to Clostridium perfringens resulting in poor gut health and production performance. Previously, endogenous proteases were deemed to be sufficient for feed protein digestion [1, 2] despite the possibility of a considerable amount of undigested dietary prote ...
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Article published the May 17, 2021
The increased demand to reduce production costs, as well as concerns about the environment, have resulted in pressure on poultry producers to increase dietary energy utilisation and to improve feed efficiency. Usually, technologies such as exogenous enzymes that are supplemented in the diets have been one of the main pathways used to reach these goals. Xylanase is well known to produce positive ef ...
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Article published the April 15, 2019
IntroductionWeaning is a critical period in the pig rearing process. At this time, the piglets are exposed to different types of stressors (environmental, nutritional, psychological, and social), causing physiological changes in the structure and function of the piglet’s digestive tract. Pluske et al. (1997) and Boudry et al. (2004) reported the shortening of the villi and the elongation of ...
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