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INTRODUCTION Production of broilers with high growth rate and feed efficiency through impressive genetic improvement is often directly linked with digestive problems, such as passage of undigested feed (or) feed passage syndrome with impaired gut health function. The passage of undigested feed inside the poultry house is a sporadic problem in integration or individual farms mainly during rainy se ...
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Ahmad Karimi, this work, in a way, contradicts some studies that have consistently found that broilers that are not fed shortly after birth, have a worse yield and a lower yield of meat, specifically, breast. Even due to these studies, a line of research has emerged to evaluate NUTRITION IN EGG, which has been carried out by different groups of researchers. From what I can tell, an 18 h delay in f ...
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Hello from Colmenar Viejo, Spain. Enzymes need a certain level of substrate in the feed so that they work like a key-lock complex. If we take look to ruminants, these poligastric animals can digest plenty of various fibrous materials due to their capacity - due to the microflora in rumen- to produce fibrolytic enzymes. Monogastrics, on the other hand, don´t show this capacity - some fermenta ...
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There several reasons which contributes to the prolapse in commercial layers. Nutrition is one among the major factors which leads to the prolapse such as high energy and protein ratio at early stage of laying might lead to the production of large eggs before prior complete skeletal development eventually uterine prolapse; improper calcium/phosphorous ratio may hinder absorption of calcium whilst ...
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A bodyweight of 1.50 kg at 23 weeks indicates that your hens are too light and small, causing the prolapse to occur as soon as laying commences. This is a carry over problem of underweight pullets. You should upgrade the specs of your Pullet Starter (0 - 5 weeks old) and Pullet Grower (5 - 10 weeks old) feeds to help your pullets achieve the standard bodyweight curve. Once your pullet bodyweight i ...
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Dear Haroon, Hi I am working with a company with similar strains of Probiotics and Let us try to answer your question in this way: A). The vegetative form of Bacillus bacteria grows with a temperature optimum between 30 and 40 °C but spores are mostly resistant to 95-100 C. B). Spores that form in Bacillus type bacteria provide dormancy at high temperature because enzyme proteins change shape ...
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Denise Russi Rodrigues (USDA, Ohio State University) talked about probiotics and early colonization as means of improving gut health and poultry performance, during IPPE 2020 in Atlanta, USA.
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Martha Pulido-Landinez (Mississippi State University) gave recommendations on how to deal with this disease, including identification of sources, during IPPE 2020 in Atlanta, USA.
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Everything you need to know in the book: Strategies to reduce Salmonella prevalence in the poultry industry  « Nothing is more precious than life » Salmonella contamination is one of the most important food safety issues when it comes to poultry production. Conventional chemical solutions have been shown to be effective; however, these solutions fail to meet the requireme ...
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