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We have university trials and successful repeated field trials for cyrptosporidiosis in various countries. For specific query and research data, please send us an email and we will give you all required details.
Article published the August 3, 2016
Coccidiosis is a disease caused by a microscopic animal or protozoa and is characterized by diarrhoea, unthriftiness and variable levels of mortality.  Tissue damage and changes in intestinal tract function may allow colonization by various harmful bacteria leading to various problems. Immunosuppressive diseases may act in concert with coccidiosis to produce more severe diseases.   Cry ...
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Coxynil does not have a withdrawal period. It is currently used in over 20 countries. You can see all information about this on coxynils official page on Growell india's website
Article published the June 29, 2016
How strategy for Coccidiosis control in broiler breeders is different from that in broilers It is important to point out that the objectives for managing coccidia in the breeder pullets are substantially different from the objectives used in rearing broilers. In broilers, primary consideration must be given to maximizing bird performance, which is the key measurement. With the breeder pullet, how ...
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Coxynil - The one stop solution to Coccidiosis Coxynil is the only anticoccidial on the market that acts at each and every stage of the life cycle. This makes sure the protozoa are eliminated at each stage, thereby ridding the animal of sub clinical infections – which no other anti-coccidial on the market can accomplish. Thus, Coxynil manages to not only act as an immunity builder but also a grow ...
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