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Athangudi Venugopalan Sir, how i can prepare feed sanitizer and water sanitizer using acidified sodium chlorite?
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Water sanitation microbiology - sample size-60 nipple samples. as per who norms water sample 5 can be pooled a one so nipple sample is 12 and sub tank one total 13 samples for farm with 10 sheds sample size may come to 130.more than 95 % of samples should be free of enteric bacteria. micro biology of 130 samples may cost rs 6500-00. make meat extract from day pm cases prepare double strength teepo ...
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Poultry waterline filled with water from ro plant located in the poultry farm. From the plant exit water is free of bacteria but on entering the pipeline is contaminated by the infected birds. In such cases, 60 nipple samples per shed pooled as 12 are contaminated with coliforms. Further if we use mineral water for generation of colloidal silver water is turned to red colour and the conductivity a ...
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Justin Fowler, Professor at the University of Georgia, talked to us during IPPE 2017 in Atlanta, USA, and explained the process that inspired him to create FeedMix, an app for feed formulation, which is easy to use and helps producers to calculate requirements.
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Hiren Pancholi Sir Can you explain how can I prepare cd?
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