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Justin Fowler developed an app for feed formulation

Published: March 13, 2017
Justin Fowler, Professor at the University of Georgia, talked to us during IPPE 2017 in Atlanta, USA, and explained the process that inspired him to create FeedMix, an app for feed formulation, which is easy to use and helps producers to calculate requirements.
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Justin Fowler
University of Georgia
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Alagbe olujimi John
25 de mayo de 2017
It is a very good initiative, effective animal management can be achieved with good feed, housing and health.
Dari Brown
12 de abril de 2017
Kenneth Iroro
26 de agosto de 2019

Hello everyone, I find it hard to use the feedmix for laying hen formula. Any formula I used is always not recommended all time low, but when I added this to others feeds formula system, it showed good results. Please, can I have any laying hen formula they would recommend by the feedmix?

Thanks and God bless you.

Babafemi Dejonwo
24 de agosto de 2018

Thanks a million, Dr. Justin Fowler, the app is awesome.

I am into turkey breeding and I use it for my feed formulation. It has saved me funds and has guided me on the nutritional requirements of my turkeys.

Thanks once again, Sir.

Sotolu Akeem Oladipupo
9 de mayo de 2018
Congratulations to you on this success and more grease to your elbow. I'm in Fish Nutrition in my University, how can I get hold of your app for improving on our teaching and practical purposes here? Thank you.
Robert Serwanga
Agrarian Systems
1 de octubre de 2017
Thank you. Am using the app and good results
Mehari Kebede Hagos
25 de abril de 2017

Congratulations, I would like to know how to apply it practically.

18 de abril de 2017

Yes, It is very interesting subject as majority of Poultry Farmers in Africa are facing this challange in terms of having the right supplement for increasing eggs productions. Would you kindly share the formula for feeding layers above weeks.
Awaiting for your kind response.

noel f. faminialagao
18 de abril de 2017
How can we get the apps sir? Thanks
Satish Sidana
Modern Poultry Farms Co
15 de abril de 2017
Congrats, how can we get hold of the program FeedMix
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