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Amino Acids Of M/S Priya Chemicals Obtained By Enzyme Hydrolysis 1. Consists of twenty amino acids.  2.  All amino acids are in l form (natural form) &am...
Dr. R.Y. Angle
has participated in the discussion on February 23, 2022
Technical article from Dairy Cattle
Trace elements are required for numerous metabolic functions in livestock. Optimal production and performance require adequate intake of balanced trace minerals. As trac...
It is necessary that animals have a balanced intake of Feed and water. Intake of water alongwith intake of Feed is an important indicator of the health of the animal....
Technical article from Poultry Industry
Chel means CLAW in Greek. The Mineral needs a support to CLAW itself. This support is provided by Amino Acids and this organic support is called LIGAND in chemistry. Ami...
Technical article from Animal Feed
L-GLYCINE  is used as a ligand to form the chelate.  Glycine has the lowest molecular weight with a high bonding capacity to the mineral.  Glycine h...
Dr. R.Y. Angle
has participated in the discussion on May 16, 2012
Technical article from Dairy Cattle
Minerals play an important role in regular dietary requirements of animal feed and are essential for growth, reproduction and milk production. Essential minerals are des...
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