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Amino Acids-Few fact

Published: June 16, 2022
Source : Dr. R.Y. Angle
Amino Acids Of M/S Priya Chemicals Obtained By Enzyme Hydrolysis
1. Consists of twenty amino acids. 
2.  All amino acids are in l form (natural form) & are absorbed quickly & easily by plants. 
3.  No cyclization of glutamine which is important for energy metabolism.
4.  No destruction of aspargine which has active role in respiratory function. 
5.  Tryptophan which is starting material for synthesis of auxin is available in l form. 
6. Serine & threonine are free & in l form. 
7. Aspartic acid & glutamic acid which are very important amino acids are available in free l form for easy absorption. 
8.  Amide nitrogen is not formed. 
9. High percentage of biological value & nutritive value. 
10. No inorganic nitrogen is present. 
11. High quality of international standard exported world over.
Amino Acid obtained by acid or alkali hydrolysis
1. Consists of sixteen to eighteen amino acids
2. All amino acids are not in l-form, some are in dl form & hence can not be absorbed easily.
3. Cyclization of glutamine. hence energy metabolism is affected.
4. Destruction of aspargine takes place which affects respiratory function.
5. Tryptophan is destroyed & auxin synthesis is affected.
6. Serine & threonine are partially decomposed.
7. Aspartic acid & glutamic acid undergo changes and are not easily available for absorption.
8. Amide nitrogen is formed.
9. No biological value & nutritive value is zero as tryptophan, an essential amino acid is not present.
10. Inorganic nitrogen is present as ammonium chloride.
11. Consistent quality not available.
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