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Priya Chemicals has obtained Six Patents of processes developed by in house R&D efforts.

Priya exports to all continents. The various products of Priya are very cost effective & with better performance than the products available in the world market.

Due to the sophisticated technology of enzymic hydrolysis, the Amino Acids obtained are in the L - form, and are biologically active in free-state with high purity.

Amino Acids obtained are very active compounds and are maintained in that state by special process of Priya Chemicals which is patented.

Quality, Prompt Shipment & Most Economical Prices of the products has made products of Priya Chemicals well accepted in the world market.



Dr R Y Angle,Ph.D.

Priya Chemicals

ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company

Phone Numbers

 +91-22-244493279 /24460419

Mobile Number +91-98200 80220

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