Dr Ganesh Sawale
MVSc Veterinary Pathology
1. Veterinary Officer- Poultry diagnostic and Research |Centre, Venkateswara Hatchery Pvt Ltd, Pune-5 years of service 2. Asst. Manager (diagnostic)-Indovax Pvt ltd. Gurgaon. 1 year of service.
MVSc Veterinary Pathology
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Introduction Mycoplasma agents are difficult to isolate; this, in many cases, makes diagnosis and proper characterization impossible (Ricci, 2005). In Venezuela, avian mycoplasmosis is generally diagnosed by means of serological methods and, eventually, by PCR, performed in foreign laboratories (Godoy, 1999). Isolation and genomic characterization in flocks of poultry can be used to modify vaccin ...
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The bacteria M. synoviae (MS) is a member of the mycoplasma genus. It causes disease in the joints, bones, respiratory tract and oviduct of birds. A MS infection can result in big economic losses due to a drop in egg production and eggshell quality. During last few years, it was noticed that some layer and breeder flocks faced a drop in egg production of ~10%, some after the peak, while other befo ...
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August 20, 2016
Location:Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
Profile: Academic / scientific
Professional Title: MVSc Veterinary Pathology
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