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Emmanuel Nwaotule
Higher Diploma In Animal Health and Husbandry
Importation and distribution of micro-feed ingredients to livestock farms and feed-mills. Farm management operator. Poultry feed producer and animal health and husbandry practitioner.
Higher Diploma In Animal Health and Husbandry
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Farmers are more familiar with aspergillosis than with aflatoxicosis, which is a major risk in poultry health and food security. While farmers and consultants work hard to manage brooder pneumonia, they must be conscious of the likelihood of Aflatoxin systemic production and its sequel on health and immunocompetency.It is advisable that why you embark on treating brooder pneumonia, you should not ...
Participation in Forum on August 18, 2020
This is very interesting. But , we understand and know that one important quality of mycotoxin binders is that they do not bind or hamper the availability of vitamins including vitamin D, otherwise, egg shell formation and skeletal formation would be impaired. In this situation, therefore, the nutritionist should watch the type of ingredients and the level of mycotoxin contamination in them, in or ...
Participation in Forum on June 13, 2020
Doctor Kotaiah,you are very right. Once a vaccinator is tired,he or she is bound to make mistakes. This would definitely result in vaccination failure, considering the sizes of the chicks.
Participation in Forum on May 29, 2020
Your exposition and comments about your probiotic is very impressive Dr Winston Samuels. Please , are you already selling this product in Nigeria and other West African countries ?.
Participation in Forum on May 28, 2020
Ammonia is one the silent killer in poultry pens. If unchecked, it causes severe respiratory and production problems to the stocks. This is normally a management problem. If manures are removed when due, the stock population is controlled, beddings are properly managed and the ventilation is properly monitored, then ammonia issues will be a little challenge to both the flocks and caretakers.
Participation in Forum on January 1, 2020
Many thanks James Denton on your talk about PSA FOUNDATION. I would like to suggest that you look into the collaboration with Livestock Industry Foundation For Africa as suggested by Dr Stephen Adejoro as she has the capacity for effective collaboration for the sake of zoonosis. This would be be very critical as we want all humans not only Nigerians to consume wholesome livestock products.
Participation in Forum on November 28, 2019
Steffen Hansen Hansen many thanks for your question. From practical experience, it is a practical observation on the performances of the animals that would determine how the feed formulator or nutritionist should adjust all the various ingredients at her disposal in order to arrive at the desired results or expectations. It is only the animals that would tell you if your feeds are good or bad.
Participation in Forum on November 28, 2019
Truly speaking, variability of ingredients should not be too major challenge to experienced nutritionist. Since they are aware of what they want or wish to accomplish in the various livestocks, then, it is their responsibility to now combine all the necessary ingredients that would give or release the most needed nutrients for growth, production,improved immunity e.t.c,to the targeted livestock.
Participation in Forum on September 10, 2019
Personally, the use of chemical agents - synthetic chemical substances as disease controling agents are gradually fading out. Organic substances or the principle of symbiotic is becoming more popular and more efficient in terms of safety to both animals and humans. Even in Nigeria here the use of moisture optimization program using blend of esterified organic acids in water is equally helpful in p ...
Participation in Forum on January 29, 2019
Endotoxins are very dangerous bacterial metabolites within the animal system. All efforts must be on deck to prevent this pathological condition in all livestock. Endotoxins not only causes abnormal tissue discoloration but also causes abnormal taste in meat and egg since they find their ways into the blood streams and vascular systems of livestock. This results in poor keeping quality of livestoc ...
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