Emmanuel Nwaotule
Higher Diploma In Animal Health and Husbandry
Importation and distribution of micro-feed ingredients to livestock farms and feed-mills. Farm management operator. Poultry feed producer and animal health and husbandry practitioner.
Higher Diploma In Animal Health and Husbandry
Participation in Forum on September 10, 2019
Personally, the use of chemical agents - synthetic chemical substances as disease controling agents are gradually fading out. Organic substances or the principle of symbiotic is becoming more popular and more efficient in terms of safety to both animals and humans. Even in Nigeria here the use of moisture optimization program using blend of esterified organic acids in water is equally helpful in p ...
Participation in Forum on January 29, 2019
Endotoxins are very dangerous bacterial metabolites within the animal system. All efforts must be on deck to prevent this pathological condition in all livestock. Endotoxins not only causes abnormal tissue discoloration but also causes abnormal taste in meat and egg since they find their ways into the blood streams and vascular systems of livestock. This results in poor keeping quality of livestoc ...
Participation in Forum on July 31, 2018
Hello Norbert. But, here in Nigeria, I have been working with a product that contains activated charcoal for years without any negative result.
Participation in Forum on July 17, 2018
Yes, secondary infection after Infectious Bronchitis would be more of an issue than the IB itself, since it is obvious that nearly all diseases of poultry manifest respiratory symptoms. So there is confusion and doubt already on the ground towards a correct diagnosis. In this manner, the only sure guide is a definitive diagnosis. This might be difficult under field condition in Nigeria, hence the ...
Participation in Forum on June 22, 2018
Many thanks great friends for all your contributions and suggestions. If I may add also about the addition of organic chromium into the feed at 500 grams per ton of finished feed . The feeds could be pelletized during hot weather to ensure that the birds gets the complete nutrients from each peck . They would need to peck less thereby exerting less energy during feeding.
Participation in Forum on May 7, 2018
Great thanks Doctor Justin Fowler for this interesting work on butyric acid. Pure butyric acid in itself would serve great purpose as gut modulator and growth promoter. In practical application, medication via drinking water tends to be more effective than via the feed as even sick birds tends to drink water during disease condition, hence the better result that was obtained when butyric acid was ...
Participation in Forum on April 27, 2018
Thank you so much for this explanation Dr Lopes. No I am a Nigerian not a Belgian but I am representing a Belgian company here in Nigeria. My discussions are based on my NIGERIAN livestock field experiences. Many thanks again and cheers.
Participation in Forum on April 26, 2018
Many thanks Dr Lopes. Please what do you think about the use of both pre and probiotics in the prophylaxis rather than curative in the control of both coccidiosis and necrotic enteritis ? These would help to a greater extent if flocks are started on these earlier in their lives.
Participation in Forum on April 25, 2018
Coccidiosis is purely a management challenge. Poultry managers should give serious attention to proper litter management to prevent birds from picking spores of coccidia organisms. Wet litter should be avoided always by packing affected portions after water spillage. Bacillus subtilis enzymes produces butyric acid which has been found to be helpful in the control of coccidiosis and enteritis. In t ...
Participation in Forum on April 18, 2018
Great thanks to Carlos De Oliveira, Justino Hernandez and Sherry Layton for this interesting presentation. I observed from the presentation, that the farm in question had a historical challenge of colibacillosis, diarrhea and reduced egg production. But with the introduction of a bio-promoter and yeast cell wall [ MOS] in a treated pen, there was a general improvement in health status of the birds ...
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