Lim Hang Chern
Veterinary Doctor
Providing technical and advisory services to livestock industry. Involve with disease investigation, treatment, and screening activities for poultry and swine farmers.
Veterinary Doctor
Video published on April 16, 2019
Dr. LIM Hang Chern, Head of Business Development of Rhone MA Holdings Berhad, Malaysia, presents the book: Swine Diseases in Asia, by Dr. Henry HL. TOO. In this publication, Dr. Margarita Trujano participated in writing the chapter "Health problems in pigs related to mycotoxins".
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Introduction Traditionally, the presence of mycotoxins capable of causing damage in animal production has been demonstrated by detecting certain levels in ingredients and / or rations. Since this technique has many limitations, histopathology has been used in many areas to demonstrate that these toxic agents are actually affecting the birds. Here we propose a practical approach to demonstrate the ...
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First of all thank you very much for the congratulations for these 30 years solving the problems of mycotoxins.As everyone knows the topic of mycotoxins is a topic that I am passionate about and we have much to learn. I hope to be another 20 or 30 years more to be able to contribute my grain of sand on this subject..Here are some of the answers to the questions ask in the forum:What is best t ...
Video published on April 12, 2013
Dr. Lim Hang Chern, DVM. Rhone Ma, Special Nutrients' representative in China, was present at VIV Asia 2013.
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