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Feeds and feeding, disease, lighting and stunted growth are common factors that lead to prolapse.identifying the underlined cause can lead to the control of the problem.
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Dear poultry experts, I agree with all the points suggested by you, such as body weight, uniformity of 85-90%,Egg weight, e.t.c. May be a breed character... early maturity and production of big size eggs. pullout the cloaca, Pl check the lighting arrangement in deep litter system. Further check.... is it real prolapse or peckout. If the beaks are not properly trimmed the birds develop a habit of ...
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Wow Great and educative comment here and there In addition to the suggestions made above sudden upsurge in pen ambient temperature or any idiopathic causes that are strong enough to force the bird into sharp or acute straining could as well result to prolapse Best Management approach to this is Administration of coolants , vitamin and electrolytes Great Farmer Great Nation
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May 29, 2020
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