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Dr Abdulwahab Kammon
PhD (Veterinary Pathology)
Assistant Professor in Poultry Diseases course for UG and PG students Poultry Pathology Specialist Clinical Pathology
PhD (Veterinary Pathology)
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Robert Gauthier (WVEPAH) discussed the different trends and concerns of the poultry industry around the world, during IPPE 2020 in Atlanta, USA.
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Nguyen nhu nguyen : To get good protraction against IB infection from variants strains like QX you must give the vaccines at day one Mass+variants to avoid false layer during production. As soon I see this problem this means flock got the infection first 2 weeks
Participation in Forum on December 16, 2018
I strongly recommend the course. I have attended the first module in Germany which was very informative and the course masters were very knowledgable and kind with highly field experience. Unfortunatelly I could not attend the second module due to some circumstances. Best of luck to all of you.
Participation in Forum on February 13, 2018
Dear Jeroen Thanks for the very important topic. I think it is the time for researchers to find suitable alternatives for antibiotics.
Participation in Forum on December 27, 2017
Good work. We have isolated and characterized APMV-1 genotype VII from poultry in Libya during multiple outbreaks on 2013. A paper was published in Avian Diseases: Abdulwahab Kammon, Alireza Heidari, Abdunaser Dayhum, Ibrahim Eldaghayes, Monier Sharif, Isabella Monne, Giovanni Cattoli, Abdulatif Asheg , Milad Farhat, and Elforjani Kraim (2015) Characterization of Avian Influenza and Newcastle dise ...
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Dear Dr. kammn, First thank you for you comments . 1- from the HI titre showed that 4/91 is playing a role and PCR results. The only thing we change is we added 4/91 in their vaccination program and we asked them to increase the biosecurity issue , As you have seen results were excellent for 3 cycles . 2- Yes QX is in our area since 2006 the first case we have found. since that time we used MA ...
Participation in Forum on September 5, 2016
Thank you Dr Husam for the interesting article. I have some questions about the results of your study: 1. Could you insure that the variant strain 4/91 detected is not the vaccine strain. 2. It seems likely that the variant strain QX is widely spread in Middle East and North Africa, therefore I think using this strain as a vaccine instead of 4/91 will give better results. From my experience altho ...
Participation in Forum on March 8, 2015
I agree with colleagues that Biosecurity is very important. You have to know which subtype of LPAI circulating in your flocks (H5 and H7 could change to HPAI). Other LPAI may not create a big problem unless associated with other bacterial and viral diseases. We isolated velogenic NDV and H9N2 in the same samples. Moreover, H9N2 which is LPAI has a genetic sequence that in some parts similar to the ...
Participation in Forum on December 17, 2013
Dear Dr Greg Thank you very much for valuable information. Have you tried injection of both HVT-ILT and Bivalent MD on same day but different sites. How much stress will be on the day old chicks.
Discussion created on December 17, 2013
Dear all, Recently some poultry vaccine manufacturers produce recombinant HVT-ILT vaccine to give protection against both MD and ILT. We are wondering about these issues:1. Safety of this kind of vaccines 2. Some poultry producers are using ordinary MD vaccines (bivalent or trivalent), therefore does the use of recombinant vaccines give good protection instead of bivalent or trivalent ones? If no ...
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